When God materializes on earth this is called the “Glory of the Lord” or “Shekinah Glory”. This appearance is a very rare event. The God of Heaven and Earth or the Shekinah materializes in such a way so that the human eye can see only his outer covering of a cloudy whirlwind. Ezekiel describes the whirlwind as the Shekinah of God. On a rare occasion about once every 2,000-3,000 years God descends out of space to earth from the North in a whirlwind.

Temple Mount

A dictionary description of Shekinah is: “A cloud of glory that accompanied the Temple and tent of the Jewish Divine Presence.”

When the Shekinah Glory descends, He descends with fire and lightening. God is wrapped around with a thunderous and fiery tornado. Ezekiel in his vision was able to peek inside the cloudy tornado. He saw God along with his wheels, bowl of fire, gigantic sheet of ice (firmament), lightening, rainbow, clouds, throne and mythical type creatures called cherubim’s. The 4-winged cherubim’s with 4-faces were described as to have been made of shiny molten metal.
The three most famous rare appearances of GOD on earth which predate the Roman Empire are:
1. On Mount Sinai when Moses was given the 10 commandments.
2. Dedication ceremonies of the Tent of God as built by Moses
3. Dedication ceremonies of Solomon’s Temple.
The last grand appearance of God and his cloudy Shekinah was on Solomon’s Temple. A few other brief historical sightings might have occurred but they were not recorded in the Bible.

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