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Chambers & CRITIA


There are three Arched or Curved Ceiling Chambers in the Main Tower Structure.

The gigantic chambers had arched ceilings. The Hebrew word used here means that these chambers had a ceiling which was arched (I Ki. 6:8).

This verse of “upper chambers” (II Chronicles 3:9) is located between the 60 x 20 chamber in verse 3 and the 20 x 20 chamber in verse 10. “and he overlaid the Upper Chambers … (plural, lofty sky chamber, second story that is accessible by stairs) … with gold”. This verse would not appear to apply to the side chambers they are not mentioned in this entire chapter 3. The “upper chambers” seem to indicate that that are at least 3 stories to the main tower structure of this Temple.

How can a horizontal temple have 2 sets of winding stairs which connect all three chambers listed in this chapter? If there are only two chambers why would you need two winding staircases? You need two winding stairs to connect a tall three story structure.

Upper Chambers (Strong’s 5944 is mentioned twice II Chronicles 3:9 & I Chronicles 28:11
The two chambers (Strong’s 6763) mentioned in I Kings 6:33 & 6:5 are two different places because the doorway which leaves this (lower) story must enter into the temple.

This particular chamber (Strong’s 6763) used in I Kings 6:8 means a curved or arched ceiling of which a winding staircase enters into the Temple. This is linked by a very peculiar word for a door.

The small chambers that were built against the wall of the house of the Temple & the Oracle round about. I Kings 6:5 This could apply to either a vertical or horizontal type Temple

If the main temple was horizontal why did Josephus state that the main tower and the porch were both 120 cubits tall?

Inner Courtyard:
The wood and stone terraces around the inner courtyard platforms could probably hold according to my estimates around 10,000 or so singers on the parallel walkways around the inner courtyard. II Chron. 9:11

The Six Gates
The height of all 4 corners of each gate is 60 cubits “round about”. Ezk. 40:14. Which means that the interior had to have dips as shown. A serious problem that Temple scholars come across is which Bible should they use? Every serious Temple student knows there are about a dozen serious discrepancies in various Bible versions. This is one of those troubling locations. Many of the texts when compared side by side in various Bibles are different. In some cases the measurements differ as much as 90 cubits, in this case various Bibles vary between 20-40 cubits. Which Bible is right? The approach to these measurements was not to change the cubits or find a Bible which would fit the model but to re-arrange my thinking so that all the cubits might somehow all be used and yet all fit properly.

Because there were discrepancies when a person compared some Bibles against other Bibles first of all a Bible had to be selected to rely upon from start to finish. The Hebrew text which was chosen was the Masora or Massoretic Text. After careful study and comparison of old dusty arguments carried forth from ages past it is the opinion of this Bible student that the Masora Hebrew Bible is the only Hebrew text which was faithfully carried down to the English speaking people without error. Unfortunately there is only one Bible which uses this as a text to translate from that is the Authorized or King James Bible. With continuous comparisons this was the Bible which was used and Solomon’s Temple is that of the Masora Text.

Another fine example to compare of Bible discrepancies is the height of the porch. The Masora Bible and Josephus both verify the same 120 cubit height twice.

The Spirit Revealed Temple was not a copy of a Pagan Temple.

The argument that none of the old world temples had a holy chamber for the deity in an upper level is not a basis for an argument at all. God’s House was going to be different than the pagan temples as is suggested in a few verses. It was going to be the first which used gigantic stone arches.

“The House of the LORD must be exceeding magnificent, of fame and of glory throughout all countries.” I Chronicles 22:5

Before the Temple was built the Temple location was associated with a plague which was started and stopped by a Heavenly messenger. This messenger was hovering in the sky for a very long time.

The plague in which Israel suffered resulted because of the personal sin of King David. His sin was he had with arrogant pride boasted of the numbers of his army so that he trusted more on its size rather than trusting in God. The result was an Angel was sent from God to destroy the size of his army in which he had misplaced his trust. The Angel began slaughtering and was stopped as he was hovering over a certain spot in downtown Jerusalem. Which today is known as the Temple Mount where the Dome of the Rock Mosque sits.

This Angel of the LORD was standing in the sky between earth and heaven directly over the threshingfloor of Ornan upon which David was instructed to do sacrifice to stop the plague. When David saw the angel floating above the Holy Rock (threshingfloor) it later became King David’s desire to build a house for God to dwell in the heavens. When David saw the Mercy Angel in the sky perhaps this is why he decided to build a Holy dwelling place for the Hebrew Deity up in the air to stay forever. This heavenly sight had to have made an impression on David because the Mercy/Death Angel of the LORD had his sworn drawn for 14 verses. I Chronicles 21:14,16-26

“Then David gave to Solomon his son the pattern of the porch, and of the houses thereof, and of the treasuries thereof, and of the upper chambers thereof, and of the inner parlors thereof, and of the place of the mercy seat. And the pattern of all that he had by the spirit.” I Chronicles 28:11-12

Would David have copied a pagan temple? If so there would have been no need for the spirit of God to reveal to him this special Temple. Because all he had to do was mimic every other pagan temple with the resting place of the deity on a horizontal plane. Possibly this Temple was designed to elevate God and his Ark into the heavens to have him a dwelling place there. All the other temples of the world were the palaces made for man to worship himself with their false gods. This was a Temple which united Heaven with Earth. Its construction might have been an engineering feat. Which is why the Queen of Sheba marveled at the sight of it upon her grand entrance from the African-Saudi nation.

This Temple would be a place where man could worship God. Since only one man a year could enter the place where God dwelt why not build God a special place to reside up where every passerby could see him in the heavens. This way every visitor to Jerusalem would know the Jews worship the deity in the heavens who rests in the clouds. For they would have been able to have seen the Resting Place of God from 20 miles away.

“For the palace is not for man, but for the LORD GOD.” I Chronicles 29:1
“Said David, the LORD made me understand in writing by his hand upon me, even all the works of this pattern” I Chronicles 28:19


A Temple will be built someday on the Temple Mount this is a well known prophecy of Ezekiel. Which cubits will be used? The first Temple of Solomon’s and Ezekiel’s which was 120 cubits tall or the smaller Second Temple which was 60 cubits or the Third Temple of Herod which was 100 cubits tall?

An important question that needs to be asked: Is there any historical record of the Shekinah Presence ever appearing over the Second or Third Temple as it appeared over the First Temple? If the Shekinah Presence never appeared over the Second or Third Temple on a permanent basis what is the motivation to rebuild the Second or Third Temple?

It is a well known fact the Shekinah Glory appeared over Solomon’s Temple. It is also obvious from the Mishnah, the Second Temple was moved North of the First Temple, because of the location of the altar was offset to the inner courtyard of the Second Temple. This was a result of the Second Temple being constructed away (to the North) from the foundation of the First Temple. Which is why the Mishnah states the Temple location is off centered and to the north of the 500 cubit courtyard. Possibly they were saving the original foundation spot so they could fulfill Ezekiel’s Temple prophecy.
In the future a Temple will be built in Jerusalem. Which foundation will be used Solomon’s or the Second Temple?

Ezekiel claims that the Shekinah Glory will only appear on the Temple which he describes. Ezekiel’s Temple measurements fit like a glove when dovetailed with Solomon’s Temple measurements. Ezekiel never claimed that the Shekinah Glory of God would appear over the Second or Herod’s Temple.

The Temple that Ezekiel describes had been polluted in previous times. It was a Temple that had already been built and was going to be built once again. Did Ezekiel describe the remaining measurements of Solomon’s Temple? Notice the use of the past tense verbs. Ezekiel’s Temple is indeed the remaining long lost measurements of Solomon’s Temple.

“Show the house to the house of Israel, that they may be ashamed of their iniquities: let them measure the pattern … show them the form of the house.” Ezk. 44:10-12

“In that ye have brought into my sanctuary strangers, uncircumcised in heart and flesh, to pollute it, even my house … they have broken my covenant because of all your abominations.” Ezk. 44:7

It seems odd that there is a large momentum by both Jewish and Christian groups to rebuild the Second Temple (or Herod’s) when there are no Biblical prophecies about rebuilding any Temple but Solomon’s by the prophet Ezekiel.