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King Solomon's Temple Video - Full Model

#1. Solomon’s Temple, Full Model

The view is north east looking at the outer courtyard and the
main temple yard. The three outer gates which stand 10 stories tall eachare can be clearly seen. The main temple is covered completely in gold and is 20 stories tall.

Temple Detail

#2. Priest’s Kitchen & Dining Room.

The storage rooms by the dark railings is where they store their
clothes and ornaments. The dining room is used exclusively by the
priests and has a gold floor.

King Solomon's Temple - Aerial View

#3. Vertical View – Temple Center

The north gate of the inner courtyard includes a partial view of the great brass altar and the front porch with the two pillars. The Temple is 3 foot ball fields long.

Vertical View

King Solomon's Temple - Vertical View

#4. Aerial View – Temple Center

Here we are floating in the sky looking straight down on the inner courtyard. The altar is centered within the 100 x 100 cubit courtyard.