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The journey to retrace the blueprints of Solomon’s Temple began by reading the great visions of Ezekiel. Upon the discovery of the death of Tammuz at the North Gate of the famous Temple, many more unanswered questions were spaded up. The road of this discovery had many forks along the way including the path of the power of mythology. Why would these ancient pagan rites and rituals end up being in the most famous vision of Ezekiel? Could the ancient Babylonian Mysteries and world mythology be linked to the Temple as Ezekiel claimed?

Could Ezekiel’s temple measurements be Solomon’s temple? In Ezekiel’s vision of the Temple could the death and resurrection of the god Tammuz be a signal that the rites of the pagan world have lived on until today in some form or fashion? Are the original festival rites of Easter pagan? Could the waving of the palm branch in Ezekiel’s vision be a signal of the spring festival of the resurrection of the god on the hill? Such was the case in the superstitious mythological rite of the waving of the palm branch or other branches of trees around the world in the spring fertility festival. The fact that the green blade blooms yet again in spring brought forth by the sun was proof of the annual resurrection of the sun.

Who is Tammuz? What is Tammuz, the god of the underworld doing in God’s Temple in Jerusalem? Why are women weeping about his death? The main driving thought was; Could this god of the underworld die in this rebuilt temple? What significance does this all mean? Many seeds were planted and the long journey took years to grow into this living blueprint of the Temple of Solomon This was truly an independent study which continued through the months, the months turned into years, the years spawned beyond a decade.

Upon discovering that Solomon’s Temple had a gigantic winding staircase which linked three tall chambers a thought was born. What if no true Temple blueprint of Solomon’s Temple had ever been correctly made by using all the cubits of the Bible? Could it be that perhaps no one had really correctly finished a complete set of Solomon’s Temple blueprints?

The careful comparisons of scripture, the Mishna readings, Second Temple facts, Herod’s Temple, Josephus’s comments and the Talmud readings led to this final result. A full color CD is available for a person to fly through the complete Temple with scriptures accompanying him through the amazing journey.

Solomon’s Temple was indeed 500 x 500 cubits square. This temple now stands virtually on the Temple Mount exactly like Ezekiel clearly states. Yes Ezekiel does add more to his vision but maybe everything beyond the 500 square mount is for yet another age?


Michael S. Young