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Personal Message from Mike Young AKA Solomon

Hello old and new fans of Solomon’s Temple.

I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. I will be driving my truck to Southern California. So the news postings might be thin for the next 2 weeks while I am on the road.

May the Monarch of the Universe create that spark of eternal life of knowledge in you. He detests fraud, cheating, pride, arrogance last I remember he calls all those things against his nature as sin.

The Eternal Creator has a plan to remove that sin that is now destroying our world financially and morally. May he richly bless you during 2010 Hanukkah and this Christmas Holy Days (holidays) and may you greet him on the other side.

Lord Bless,

Thanks for bookmarking Solomon’s Temple. For you older readers you know I have been online for nearly 15 years but the bad hacking I got 6 years ago knocked me offline for 5 years. Jon Kokko my webmaster talked me into starting over.

I hope to continue to keep you informed of what really matters in life both economically, spiritually and morally.

Merry Hanukkah / Christmas,

Mike Young “Solomon”

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