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Lord James of Blackheath – Parliament speech Nov. 1 2010

Mike Young speaking here……. There are some very wealthy non-sovergeign individuals whose financials are not known to the Oligarchy. What Lord James says in his Parliament speech is with no strings attached …. in order to keep the world from careening off into the ditch……. they are willing to donate $50 billion for starters to England. sounds crazy…. I have personally emailed and am in conversation with one of these individuals. They have shown wire transfers of up to $5 billion into the City of London last year to do previous assistance…. So this is a fascinating story that I am following and thought you might find it interesting…

UPDATE….. it can now be said it is either an Asian – Philippine source or “representatives” of the secretive Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, otherwise known as the Knights Templar, contacted Lord James this past April in what is believed to be their first overt contact with the World since they were ordered disbanded by Pope Clement V in 1312. Very very strange indeed more to post as I ascertain through the thick fog.

Is Lord James having a Laugh? or Is Foundation X really willing to make a donation to the British Govt?
House of Lords debates, 1 November 2010
Text of speech available from here and here.

2 Responses to Lord James of Blackheath – Parliament speech Nov. 1 2010

  1. sue

    November 11, 2010 at 8:47 am

    can i ask, this is a very surprising revelation, is any one looking in to this,if foundation x wants a out let for there money,there is more ways than the government,we the that have the know,are the people that have cried over the way this world has been rape by all of us,bring the world back to a small town and village mind set,then we can cope,we would heal the world ,us, plants ,animals,air,water, that’s all we need to survive,no oppressive god,gov,just what we know is right.

  2. Timothy Helgeson

    November 12, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    It could be the St Germain World Trust Fund…scheduled to be released about now.
    Keep your eyes wide open.

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