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Dope Inc. First Monopoly of the Drug Trade – East India Company

DOPE INC. – ‘DON’T INHALE’ – WAR ON DRUGS MEANS A WAR ON YOU – BREEDING STRAINS WITH CERTAIN ENHANCED QUALITIES – KEW GARDENS Note: Abel Danger wishes to present the history of dope, from the East India Company to the gardens in Kew, where the Worshipful Company of Barbers keeps track of valuable plants. It is worth noting the Worshipful Company of Barbers control the botanical inventory in the City of London Garden – one of which is the Opium Poppy. The refined seeds go to India and Afghanistan.

“They (East India Company) made their their massive money out of the dope trade. They first grew prime poppies in Kew gardens…got the best producing opium poppies, they then shipped them to Benares in India where they began a massive plantation of opium producing poppies. They then used their famous tea clippers to transport the poppies in the form of raw opium to China, and by their military force they imposed an opium policy on China that turned the Chinese nation into a nation of addicts, and they enforced this policy that was known to the Royal family and Lord Gladstone the Prime minister, and every one of the lords and ladies of England, and they made a massive huge fortune…………. must read…….. http://www.abeldanger.net/2010/10/dope-inc-dont-inhale-war-on-drugs-means.html#more

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