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What is Zionism?

What is Zionism? In its broadest meaning? Zionism (Hebrew: ציונות‎, Tsiyonut) is a nationalist[1] Jewish political movement that, in its broadest sense, calls for the self-determination of the Jewish people in a sovereign Jewish national homeland.[2] Since the establishment of the State of Israel, the Zionist movement continues primarily to support and advocate on behalf of the Jewish state, and its current existence. Zionism does not have a uniform ideology, but a plethora of ideologies: General Zionism, National-Religious Zionism, Labor Zionism, Revisionist Zionism, Green Zionism, etc. However, Shimoni (1995) shows that there exists among the Zionist parties a common denominator: the claim to Eretz Israel as the national homeland of the Jews and as the legitimate focus for the Jewish national self-determination.[3] Zionism is based on historical ties and religious traditions linking the Jewish people to theLand of Israel.[4] Almost two millennia after the Jewish diaspora, the modern Zionist movement, beginning in the late 19th century, was mainly founded by secular Jews, largely as a response by


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