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ost Christians readily profess that they are always eager to hear and learn from their Fathers Word. Seldom do they realize, though, that the first tenant of learning is found in the willingness to alter one’s viewpoint if necessary to incorporate the truths which the Holy Spirit teaches you from your study of God’s Word. You should see the truth in this statement from your own school and life experience, for continued learning is not possible if a particular ideology is valued in spite of vast evidence to the contrary: For example, there was a point when we realized our sinful nature in the knowledge of the world, and we met and returned with Jesus. Just as it is not sufficient for maximum enjoyment of earthly life to get only a grade-school education (particularly these days), it is neither sufficient nor wise to place your belief in the traditions and denominations of man above the Word as written.

Like Paul so eloquently wrote in Hebrews 5 verses 12 thru 14, many of today’s Christians are like ‘bottle babies in diapers’, and have no teeth to even chew the ‘meat’ of God’s Word. They are content instead to visit their ‘nursery’ each time the doors are open, and drink the same formula they have been fed all their spiritual lives.

This paper is dedicated to raiding the denominational nurseries and just perhaps finding a few who are willing to put on the armor Paul describes in Eph 6:10-18 so that they may STAND in the battle that will shortly come.


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