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The Day God Judges – Mankind should remember to Repent – Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana – God’s memory and the substance of eternity.

Although Rosh Hashana is correctly translated as “the beginning of the year,” this term is nowhere to be found in the Torah. Only the Talmud refers to it as such. Even the prayers, whose earliest source stems from the Talmudic era, don’t refer to it as Rosh Hashana, but rather as “Yom Hazikaron” – a day of remembrance. Besides neglecting the all significant beginning of the new year in our prayers, there also seems to be something rather vague in the term “day of remembrance.” It nominally refers to the fact that on Rosh Hashana we are judged by God, therefore He needs to dredge up all our past deeds. While this is true, it still does not seem to justify calling Rosh Hashana as the “day of remembrance.” Could we imagine calling a courtroom “the witness podium” because witnesses testify in court? The witnesses are but one element in the trial. So, too, memory is but one element in God’s judgment. Why is it the most specific title of Rosh Hashana?


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