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The Ark of the Covenant and the Temple of Solomon

The Ark of the Covenant and the Temple of Solomon Excerpted from The Secret History of The World by Laura Knight-Jadczyk Copyright 2001, no part of this text may be copied, stored, or reproduced by any means except by express written permission of the author. Site Map

The Ark of the Covenant: that most mysterious and powerful object that we are led to believe was the object of the Templars sojourn and searches in Jerusalem. What do we really know about the Ark?

In order to come to any idea about the Ark, we will naturally have to make a careful examination of the religious structure in which it is situated: Judaism. When I began to study the issues that concerned me: religious questions, philosophical problems, and so on, I really had no idea that I would uncover something so horrific and far reaching as what I came to realize about religions in general and monotheism in particular. Please don’t misunderstand me or think that I am promoting paganism or any other form of worship of “gods” or images of god. I am quite convinced that the source of all existence is consciousness, and that this consciousness is, at its root, what we would call God, or Divine Mind. What we are concerned about here is the imposition of monotheism in the form of any one group claiming that their version of who or what god is or is not is the only correct one. And the further result of this is that Judeo-Christian monotheism prevailed with its twisted conception of linear time borrowed from Zoroastrianism.


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