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Temple of Solomon – Duality of the Temple – Metatron

Jewish literature has a lot to say about the heavenly Tabernacles/Temples, including numerous references to a mysterious figure known as Metatron In the Soncino Zohar glossary, Metatron is given the following two definitions:

The chief of the Chieftains, the power charged with the sustenance of mankind The head of the “world of creation,” called also the “servant” or the “body” of the Shekinah As seen in the citations below, Metatron also bears a great likeness to Yeshua in that:

The heavenly Temple is His He is compared to Joshua and to God He teaches Jews the mysteries of the Torah He performs an atoning work for Israel Soncino Zohar, Shemoth, Section 2, Page I43a – ‘This song King Solomon poured forth when the Temple was erected and all the worlds, above and below, had reached their perfect consummation.


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