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Prophecy Regarding China

There is more in the Bible about China as a nation and as a people than most people have imagined. It is time that all of us realize just what role China will play in the history of the world in the next few years ahead of us. This Prophetic Report gives both biblical and historical evidence to show just who the Chinese people are and how important they will soon become in matters dealing with the prophecies of the end time. There is one prophetic role for China that most people know nothing about. This is the fact that the Chinese people before the Second Advent of Christ are destined to accept Christianity in a very strong way. If we hope to realize what the future holds for the world in the next three decades, we will have to be aware of the real importance of “China in Prophecy.”

All people on earth need to know just who the Chinese people are in matters dealing with the biblical revelation. This is important because the Holy Scriptures are not only interested in the welfare of people who are now known as Christians, Jews, and Muslims (people indebted to Abraham and Moses for their basic religious teachings), but the Bible makes it clear that God through Christ has designed His plan to bring a salvation to all people on earth, no matter who they are or where they live. This certainly includes the people of China.


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