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MI6 employee’s body was in padlocked Chest

MI6 employee’s body was in padlocked holdall, inquest told Cause of Gareth Williams’s death yet to be established but inquest officially reveals details for the first time

The body of Gareth Williams, the MI6 employee found dead in his flat last week, was discovered in a large sports holdall which was secured shut by a padlock, an inquest heard today.

His body was in an advanced state of decay and is believed to have lain undiscovered for some days in a bath.

The cause of his death is yet to be established and the bizarre circumstances of his demise, added to his work for the intelligence services, have led to speculation about his lifestyle and how he came to die. The opening of the inquest was the first chance for details of his death to be made public officially.

Williams, 31, was found on 23 August at his flat in Pimlico, London, half a mile from the headquarters of MI6, Britain’s foreign intelligence service. He was an expert in codes and was on secondment to MI6 from his usual job at GCHQ, the government’s “listening post” based in Cheltenham.


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