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Intelligent Scientists EXPELLED by Illuminati

Intelligent Scientists “Expelled” by Illuminati

September 14, 2010

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

If you needed confirmation that humanity is satanically possessed, rent Ben Stein’s 2008 documentary,”Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed.”

It documents how scientists who see an intelligent force at work in nature are being fired from their jobs.

They are being slandered as “Creationists” and religious fundamentalists. Any mention of “Intelligent Design” is forbidden.

Isn’t this appalling? Science is supposed to explain the complex intelligence manifest in the natural world, notdeny that it exists.

The offending scientists are not “religious.” They simply know that a single cell is more complex than an atom bomb. Obviously, an amazing intelligence is at work. Call it God or Intelligent Design. Call it “John Doe” – but you can’t deny it!

Some people think I’m a Christian or a religious Jew. I am neither. Like these scientists, I can see the obvious. Creation is a miracle which didn’t happen by accident. It’s governed by laws which scientists and metaphysicians are supposed to discern.


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