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Imam Asked Pastor on Koran Burning – What Would Jesus Do?

Imam Asked Pastor on Koran Burning: ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ By Chad Terhune, Ashley Lutz and Jerry Hart – Sep 10, 2010

Until a year ago, Terry Jones wasn’t a public figure in Gainesville, Florida, or anywhere else.

Then seven children who attend the Dove World Outreach Center, where Jones is senior pastor, went to school wearing white T-shirts with red lettering saying “Islam Is Of The Devil.” The Alachua County School District banned what it deemed ”offensive” clothing, and the students’ parents sued. The publicity seemed to encourage the 58-year-old pastor, said Eddie Gilley, director of Baptist Collegiate Ministries in Gainesville.

“It’s like the little boy in the grocery store who throws a tantrum,” Gilley said in an interview. “He only does it again if you pay attention.”

By Thursday, Jones had commanded enough of it to warrant a telephone call from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who asked the minister to call off plans to set fire to copies of the Koran on Saturday, the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. Jones and his church had gone from what Gilley called ”irrelevant” to international notoriety, spurring demonstrations in Afghanistan and Pakistan and eliciting a warning from President Barack Obama that the Koran-burning could endanger U.S. troops.


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