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FBI joins investigation into MI6 spy’s Gareth Williams death

FBI joins investigation into MI6 spy’s death The FBI has joined the hunt for the mystery ‘Mediterranean’ couple linked to the death of the MI6 spy found dead in his London safe house.

The bureau has employed face recognition technology at US airports in a bid to establish whether Gareth Williams travelled in and out of the US any stage with a couple answering the description of two people Scotland Yard have appealed to come forward in connection with his death. The couple, of ‘Mediterranean’ appearance, were thought to have visited Mr Williams’s flat in Pimlico sometime in June or July. Scotland Yard believes the pair, in their thirties, were known to Mr Williams since neighbours do not recall buzzing them into the address. So far no trace of the couple has been found and detectives believe they could be significant to the inquiry. Mr Williams, a computing and maths prodigy whose funeral on Friday was attended by Sir John Sawers, the head of MI6, had made regular trips to the United States, where he worked on secondment to the US National Security Agency (NSA) in Fort Meade, Maryland, helping to create defences against cyberattack on banking and infrastructure systems. His last trip back to London from Washington was on Tuesday, August 10, following a holiday in the US. On August 15 CCTV showed him shopping at Harrods, eight days before his body was found at ……………….


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