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China in Bible Prophecy

China in Bible Prophecy

By Samuel Wang & Ethel R. Nelson This is an excerpt from the book, God and the Ancient Chinese.

If the Bible is a book for all peoples, it seems only reasonable to find China a least mentioned in the Bible!

One fifth of the world’s population today is Chinese. China, occupying the third largest area on earth, has always fascinated modern western minds because of its more than 4,000 years of undivided history and culture. The great ancient wisdom manifested by Confucius (551 – 479 B.C.) and Lao Zi (570 B.C.) are gems in the spiritual treasures of the world. In the darkness of today’s lax morality, the light from this ancient jewel is still shining. If the Bible is a book for all peoples, it seems only reasonable to find China at least mentioned in the Bible! Does the Bible have anything to say about China? In searching for an answer to this intriguing question, let us start our quest by delving into a bit of China’s ancient history. For millennia, China has called herself “the land of God.” It would appear that the Hand of Omnipotence was leading this ancient civilization. In the annals of Chinese history, we do not find a single instance of God’s anger being poured out upon a Chinese city because of moral depravity, as happened to Sodom, Gomorrah, or Pompeii. Ancient Chinese art has never featured pornography or naked female sculptures—like that uncovered in Near and Middle East excavations.1

When it comes to China, however, you might agree that, for most people in the world today, the familiar image that comes to mind is not Confucius or high moral standards, but the Great Wall! Construction of the Great Wall was intensified by the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi (259 – 210 B.C.).

The Middle Kingdom

The Chinese nation, earlier known as the “Middle Kingdom,” dates back to 2205 B.C. with its first dynasty, the Xia, established by King Yu. Even today in China, King Yu is still well-remembered as “the great Yu.” He was favored by Shangdi [the God of Heaven] who instructed him in the nine methods which enabled him to solve the problem of


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