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BUSH – Who is this guy? – Blair tells him … Belgian PM

‘Who is this guy?’ Blair claims confused Bush asked about Belgian PM

“George had immense simplicity in how he saw the world,” Blair writes

British newspapers Thursday called the memoirs of former prime minister Tony Blair a good read but said they risk re-opening old wounds in his Labour party just as it struggles to fight back from electoral defeat.

Blair’s memoirs concern more than just affairs of state — Britain’s ex-premier also gives intimate details about his wife and describes the sexual shenanigans of other politicians.

A Telegraph article notes that Blair’s book claims former US President George W. Bush “was confused by the presence of Guy Verhofstadt at the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa.”

“He didn’t know or recognise Guy, whose advice he listened to with considerable astonishment,” Mr Blair writes. “He then turned to me and whispered ………


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