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Bunker mentality

Bunker mentality A nuclear holocaust? The collapse of civilization? People may prefer not to think about the unthinkable, but here and abroad, private individuals and government officials are preparing for a catastrophe

by Ofri Ilani

Human civilization has collapsed. The planet has become a junkyard of mute buildings and motionless cars, with billions of bodies scattered between them. The screens of televisions and computers, of the stock exchange and arrivals/departures board at the airport – all are black. But not everyone is dead. A few people who took refuge in an underground shelter discover that they are alone in the world, like Noah and his family after the Flood. What do they do now?

A manual published on the Web, “Rebuilding Civilization from Scratch,” provides a clear-cut answer: “Even if you have a fairly small group of people (say, less than 10 ), you may need a form of official government,” it says. http://www.haaretz.com/magazine/week-s-end/bunker-mentality-1.312796

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