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Ark of the Covenant Stories Web Link Directory

A small selection of the information collected on the subject by Gerald N. Shapiro


Background Material:

Dig the Bible Lambert Dolphin Museum of the Bais Hamikdash Surveys of the Temple Mount The Treasures of the Temple Archaeology – Welcome from The Mining Company The Ark of the Covenant — The Real Facts Contribution Company The Ark of the Covenant — Jewish Encyclopedia Hiding of temple Treasures By Robert Mock MD The Golden Ark that Moses gave to Israel — Oren P. Purcell Vendyl’s Work:

Vendyl Jones Research Institutes Speculation:

Chabad web site: A Buried Treasure: The Entombment Of The Ark The Learning Channel Mysteries- Megasite Rabbi Getz theory explained Ark Codes by Barry Roffman — uses bible codes to find location of Ark Temple Secrets / Secrets of the Holy Ark of the Covenant by Tony Badillo A new theory tied to two Pillars A location theory based on gematria and bible codes by Avrohom David Christian Re-interpretations:


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