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10 times = 1 input = Engineers unveil Lutec 1000 free energy machine

Engineers unveil Lutec 1000 free energy machine Daniel Bateman Tuesday, August 10, 2010 © The Cairns Post

THE world may soon be able to buy one of the Far North’s most controversial yet revolutionary inventions. The Cairns creators of the Lutec 1000 free energy machine have resurfaced after six years of steering clear of the public spotlight, having been granted patents in at least 60 countries around the world, including the US, China and India. Engineers John Christie and Lou Brits, who have endured intense criticism after they first unveiled their invention in The Cairns Post in 2001, are now preparing to construct a prototype of their revolutionary power device they hope to market within the next two years. The dynamic duo said they felt somewhat vindicated they had been able to land patents for their device and have had the Lutec verified by an independent engineer. “When we first kicked off, there was a huge fuss about it and people said we’d never get patents for it,” Mr Christie said. “They said it would never work, so we couldn’t get patents, so it’s a good thing to see now.” The generator works as an energy amplifier, generating up to 10 times the amount of electricity it consumes.


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