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The Christian Antichrist is called Antichrist


The term or title antichrist, according to some Christians’ interpretation of various Biblical eschatological passages, refers to an “END TIME” leader who fulfills Biblical prophecies concerning an adversary of Christ, while resembling him in a deceptive manner. The antichrist will seemingly provide for the needs of the people but deny the ultimate salvation. Many commentators, both ancient and modern, identify the Man of Sin in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 as the Antichrist, even though they vary greatly in who they view the Antichrist to be. Paul provides greater detail than found in John’s letters. He uses the term “Man of Sin” (sometimes translated son of perdition or man of lawlessness ) to describe what John identifies as the Antichrist. Paul writes that this Man of Sin will possess a number of characteristics. These include “sitting in the temple”, opposing himself against anything that is worshiped, claiming divine authority, working all kinds of counterfeit miracles and signs, and doing all kinds of evil. Paul notes that “the mystery of lawlessness” (though not the Man of Sin himself) was working in secret already during his day and will continue to function until being destroyed on the Last Day. His identity is to be revealed after that which is restraining him is removed.


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