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Story of the Lemba People Lost Tribe in South Africa

Shalom all – it is always a pleasure to host the Zionist Club Luncheon; especially today as we have a very special guest-speaker. I am honored to introduce Dr Rudo Mathivha, Specialist ICU Pediatrician and Head of the ICU Unit at Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital.

Rudo’s resume runs into pages…. please forgive me Rudo, I’m unable to do justice to it, as it will take the rest of the afternoon…… and we would much rather listen to you.!! Briefly……….. Dr Mathivha has spent a number of years studying in the US, presented and published numerous research papers and articles, both locally and internationally. Amongst the many achievements awarded her recently, was the First Prize for “Best Paper by a member of the Medical Profession”

Today, Dr Rudo Mathivha is not here to discuss medicine. She has kindly agreed to share a part of our shared history that is barely known to us.

We, as a people are truly a diverse group: made up of many different threads, colors, textures and cultures; woven together into a rich beautiful tapestry; forming one people. Rudo is here representing one of the many threads…..

She is the daughter of Professor G.E.R. Mathivha, President of the Lemba Cultural Society, Descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Yes, also known as the “Black Jews of Southern Africa” Please join me in welcoming her ………Dr Rudo Mathivha!!

Rudo gave her talk – and question time I joined in to “help out” some of the questions asked; Do you go to synagogue? Can you speak Hebrew? Do your people read from the Torah?


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