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Yukon Gold Strike Fever

Eureka moment for stubborn prospector Shawn Ryan was sure he could find the source of the Klondike gold rush. After many years of digging, he now has a ‘See, I told you so’ moment

Brenda Bouw Mining Reporter Vancouver — From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail

Gold fever is gripping Yukon for the first time in more than a century following a discovery by a penniless and persistent prospector that was determined to find the source of the original Klondike deposits.

Shawn Ryan lived in a tin shack for years before uncovering the so-called White Gold district, not far from the fabled Klondike zones. While his work has yet to result in an operating mine, it has already sparked a record-setting staking rush and led to the multimillion-dollar takeover of a junior gold explorer by a senior producer.

More deals are expected as junior mining companies flock to the area around Mr. Ryan’s findings and raise millions to finance further exploration, making big bets on what they hope will be the next motherlode of gold.

Michael Wark, executive director of the Yukon Chamber of Mines, said Mr. Ryan may in fact have discovered a source of the Klondike gold from the late 1800s, but “regardless, they have a significant gold discovery there.”


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