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The Man Behind WikiLeaks

VIEW: Video of Julian Paul Assange participating in an April panel on “New Models for Investigative Reporting.”

What a difference a few months can make. At the event, Assange stood up and asked, “Are there any people in the room who have any idea what WikiLeaks is?” He goes on to lay out the organization he built from the ground up and modeled on multinationals — its assets are spread all over the world in order to make it “un-sueable, in practice.”

For more on Assange, read The New Yorker’s profile, “No Secrets.” And the ramifications of WikiLeaks’ Af/Pak papers is discussed by NPR’s On Point program (7/27/10).

[Note: The video of Assange was recorded at the University of California-Berkeley’s Reva and David Logan Investigative Reporting Symposium. The panel was moderated by FRONTLINE correspondent Lowell Bergman.]

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