Cimmerians & Scythians – Names and Migrations

Last week, we did a short history of the kingdom of Israel from the beginning of the split between the two kingdoms, the northern kingdom and the southern kingdom of Judah. And went all the way up to the kingdom of Israel, the northern kingdom’s deportation by their Assyrian conquerors. Assyria came down in successive waves anywhere from 750 B.C. to 720 B.C. and took away, and conquered and took away, deported the entire northern kingdom, over 5 million people. They also came down and laid siege to Jerusalem. They couldn’t, however, conquer Jerusalem. They besieged it for awhile, and then gave up, but in the meantime, everybody in the southern kingdom of Judah wasn’t protected by the walls of Jerusalem and the Assyrians, namely Sargon the second, because there were three or four kings involved in this deportation and conquering of the northern kingdom. Sargon the second deported a whole lot of Jews along with the whole northern kingdom of Israel. Well, so thousands of Jews went along with the ten-tribe northern kingdom.

And we also took in the story and the prophecies of Hosea who has a book in the Bible and is what we call the Minor Prophets, one of the shorter books. He prophesied before the downfall of the northern kingdom of Israel. Also, we saw how his life was made to play out what was to happen to that northern kingdom of Israel. And he was told by the God of the Bible to go and marry a whore and have children by her. Well, he did that and the three children — their names were to indicate things that were to happen to that northern kingdom of Israel.

The three names of the children were –– the names of the three children were: Jezreel, which means “scattered.” And the northern kingdom was taken away, deported and scattered from their own land. The name of the second child was Loami, which means “without mercy.” And during this deportation period and resettling in other places, they weren’t known as having God’s mercy.

The third child was called Loruhamah. And Loruhamah means “not God’s people.” Not known as God’s people.” These people after they were taken away from the their homeland in the Palestine area were not known as the children of the God of the Bible as the Jews were and continued to be and still are known as today. Anybody who knows anything about the Jews knows that they are God’s “chosen people,” chosen people in quotes. They have always been connected to with the God of the Bible. The northern kingdom, the kingdom of Israel, has never been known since their deportation as the — the people of the God of the Bible, the way the Jews have been. [Note: I miss-spoke here and switched Loami and Loruhamah. Loami in “not God’s people and Loruhamah is “not having mercy”.]



  1. a poster

    August 31, 2010 at 10:24 am

    Just a note for you. Loami is more accurately translated as “not my people” or simply “not mine.”

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