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Ex-United Bank Switzerland – Whistleblower hits out at CORRUPT US justice

Ex-UBS whistleblower hits out at ‘corrupt’ US justice

GENEVA — Former UBS banker Bradley Birkenfeld hit out on Saturday against the “corrupt” US judiciary which sent him to jail even though he was the whistleblower who led to the US tax fraud case against the bank.

“The Department of Justice’s corruption is evident today — why am I the only one in prison when I had revealed everything?” the US banker asked in a French-language interview with Swiss newspaper Le Temps.

Birkenfeld turned in thousands of people for trying to evade taxes in the United States. But he was sentenced in August 2009 to three years and four months in jail for inciting UBS clients to commit tax fraud.

Martin Liechti, who headed the bank’s wealth management service in the Americas, was detained by US authorities, but later allowed to return to Switzerland.

Birkenfeld claimed that officials had allowed Liechti to get away as he knew too much about high-profile clients of the bank.


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