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X-Priest Blows the Lid off 1,500 Priests Secret Sex Lives

Who will replace Pope John Paul II?March 1, 2004

By Edward Lozzi & A.W. Richard Sipe

Celibate Priests?! Is it the Religious Fraud of the Century? Former priest blows the lid off the secret world of sex & priests with his new book: “Celibacy in Crises: A Secret World Revisited”. Catholic Bishops try to be honest with latest report on their sex abuse of children: Richard Sipe reveals the sex life of 1500 priests – A.W. Richard Sipe celibacy in crisis!

A.W. Richard Sipe has been on a mission to bring the problems surrounding clerical celibacy and sexuality to light since the publication of a Secret World in 1990 and Sex, Priests, and Power in 1995. In the recent past, scandal and controversy concerning sexual misconduct by priests have been exposed and Sipe’s efforts to bring the problems to the surface of public consciousness–instead of behind the closed doors of the Catholic Church’s hierarchy, seeped in denial and secrecy–have been vindicated. The rest of the world has finally caught up.

In Celibacy in Crisis (Trade Paperback Original) Sipe, a therapist and former priest, takes to task the Catholic Church’s policy of mandatory celibacy as well as its overall doctrine on human sexuality. Based on his extensive knowledge and background in the field, Sipe removes the cloak of secrecy surrounding celibacy, providing a fascinating exploration of the practice in church history, along with frank and realistic suggestions to clergy and laity for the reformation of the Church’s policies on sexuality.

Some key issues addressed by Sipe include: + the abuse of minors by priests and bishops–over 400 American priests resigned or were forced out of the priesthood in the 2002 for abusing minors. + the Church’s toleration, cover-up, and lies about the broad spectrum of sexual activity of its priests beyond the abuse of minors. + the Church’s refusal to deal honestly with the reality of homosexuality in the clerical state, which in turn fosters self-alienation of clergy and encourages and enables identity confusion, sexual acting out, and moral duplicity. + the system of the hierarchy that excludes women categorically from decision-making and power at the same time that it glorifies exclusively the roles of the virgin and mother, creating a psychological structure that reinforces male psychosexual immaturity and malformation.

This revolutionary book is a follow-up to the controversial and highly regarded a Secret World. Based on his 25 years of confidential, in-depth interviews with more than 1,500 priests, their sexual partners and victims, Sipe, who has served as an expert witness in more than 50 sexual abuse trials, reveals the shocking and sobering results of his thorough and objective landmark study on celibacy in the priesthood. His conclusion? That clergy deprived of moral doctrine in which they can believe are also deprived of moral guidance and leadership in their own lives and that only a transformation similar to the 16th-century Reformation–a penetrating re-evaluation and reform of the celibate/sexual system–will meet the current sexual crisis.

Sipe’s tireless efforts to bring change to a religious world in dire need of reformation makes Celibacy in Crisis an important and timely book.

About the Author a.W. Richard Sipe trained in psychotherapy with a specialty in treating and counseling clergy. A former ordained Roman Catholic priest and seminary instructor, he spent 40 years studying celibacy, counseling clergy, and testifying in cases against clerical sex abusers. His work with clerical sexuality has attracted worldwide attention.

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A.W. Richard Sipe Celibacy in Crisis a Secret World Revisited Brunner-Routledge (Trade Paperback Original) Isbn: 0 415 94473 US $24.95 Canada $37.95, 350pp Publication Date: November 15, 2003

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