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Thanks To You. More Traffic This Way. WHY?

By Mike Young

Thanks to you. Yahoo website tracking has SolomonsTemple.com moving up 100,000 positions in less than 2 months. Yahoo ranked this site in the top half million websites on the net! On 2-1-04 this site was ranked at 487,995. Only 45 days later this site is now ranked at 377,750. That means you avid readers moved this site up 100,000 positions.

People worldwide including Atheists, Masons, Christians, Jews, Mormans, Muslims and even the Cardinals of Rome have an interest in the “End of Days”. Why would all these diverse groups ……. be interested in the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple? All the prophecies of the “End of the World” according to Ezekiel will be headquartered and occur in this new Temple. These are new facts are revealed by Ezekiel and Daniel. They are written in the book “Shekinah Prophecy”.

Will the Temple include the Sanhedrin? When? Will the next Temple be the Second Temple? Why not? Will it be Solomon’s Temple? Will it be Ezekiel’s Temple? Does Ezekiel’s measurements incorporate every single measurement of Solomon’s Temple?

So what does Solomons Temple website add to the debate. The owner of this website Michael S. Young was issued the patent on Ezekiel’s Temple in both Israel and the United States. He calls Ezekiel’s Temple – Solomon’s Temple. His position is the next Temple to be built in Israel will be Ezekiel’s Temple. As a matter of fact as a student of the measurements of the Temple for over 20 years he claims Ezekiel measurements are nothing more than Solomon’s Temple. As another matter of fact he said, “Ezekiel not only incorporates all the original measurements of Solomon but also expands out into a later 4th Temple plans. The inner core of Ezekiel’s Temple dovetails into Solomon’s original Temple. This later 4th Temple will be rebuilt again during the Son of David’s 1,000 year reign.

His challenge for the past 8 years goes unchallenged. No one has stepped forward willing to challenge his thesis. Ezekiel’s measurements encapsulate Solomon’s Temple measurements. First Ezekiel’s primary Temple (Solomon’s) will be built in the very near future then destroyed during the Tribulation. Then after the Tribulation the 4th Temple will be built.

The book “Shekinah Prophecy” is not a Temple debate. It is a book on Ezekiel’s prophecies of the “End of the World.” Every single prophecy will occur only on Jewish Holidays. There are 4 specific dates of destiny that will occur. To find out more CLICK HERE TO ORDER BOOK SHEKINAH PROPHECY FROM AMAZON

Here is a comment about used books sold by Amazon. The link on Amazon to sell this book had used books for sale on “Shekinah Prophecy” before the book was even available in the first printing first edition to even the author. That means one thing they are selling bogus used books. How can they be selling used books before a single new book even comes off the printing presses? Such is business.

This book will not dissapoint. It is for a general readership.

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