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Declaration Day: Maitreya Will Manifest Himself

By Michael S. Young

There is a fellow living in the Pakistani community in London who mingles with the Jet Set crowd of the internationalists of Europe. He also has offices in Geneva and Rome.

Various websites say he will make himself known …. … to the world in an appearance on DECLARATION DAY or Day of Declaration in a world press conference.

This Maitreya fellow claims to the be Christ whom Christians are waiting for.

Here is a quote from his press release: “We will see His face on television, but He will not speak. His thoughts, His ideas, His call to humanity for justice, sharing, right relationships and peace, will take place silently, telepathically. Each of us will hear His words in our own language. Even those who are not watching Him on television or listening to the radio will have this experience.”

(I am not a good programmer I will post some pictures of him as soon as I figure out how. It looks like this Jesus fellow is currently appearing and dissapearing in front of rather large groups of thousands. He is also comfortable wearing a Jesus robe)

They claim this global appearance will occur on TV on this Day of Declaration, Maitreya will present His credentials to all of humanity. On this day, “every eye shall see him.”

From all information gathered about this fellow he appears to be a “John the Baptist” type of forerunner to the actual Antichrist. I personally do not think this could be the Antichrist since there will be many false Christs. But something major is brewing among those of current members of the ancient mysteries of Babylon. This “Messiah” whom the world will accept is clearly spoken about by Daniel, Ezekiel and John in the book of Revelation.

I think this new age guru is a forerunner of the coming “Messiah”. Time will tell.

More from his press clippings, “Know this, My friends, & be ready to share, to see your brother as yourself, to clasp him in your arms & call him friend. In this way, My brothers, you manifest God’s Plan. Towards the completion of that Plan do I work & call you to My side. Work with Me, My friends; together we shall make all things new.”

The sole publicist for this Maitreya fellow is Benjamen Creme (who lives in London also). This other fellow allows voices from the underworld channel through him. So if this Maitreya fellow does not have time to actually appear he has the ablility to speak through Creme’s vocal chords. Mr. Creme’s calls this telephonic call through his throat “shadowing”. What is occuring as it did in ancient Rome and Babylon. The gods are speaking their voices through human vocal chords. This is nothing but demons speaking. Some in this New Age movement call this channeling.

The Hebrew scriptures and the New Testament scriptures confirms that when this channeling occurs it is nothing but a rotten demon taking over the vocal chords of the human tool. Back in the Roman Empire the spiritist or priestess of Delphi or priest of Apollo would do the same thing. Ask the fortune teller or priest your question and a deep throated reply occured. Yup you are listening to a harmless demon that will try to scare the pants off you if you let it.

Here is another quote from a witness who saw it happen. “Maitreya speaks to us all through Cremes body, a process he called overshadowing. Speaking in a very slow, confident, deep voice the Maitreya (demon, my additional comment) spoke a long list of generalities which no-one could argue with. Those in attendance treats this as a prayer type meeting. They held their hands together, closed their eyes and rocked slowly in humming meditation.

There will be a world out pouring of affection. He will soon bring peace to the world.

NO ONE WILL KNOW HIS NAME. Funny, a very famous Old Tesament prophet names him and two of his play mates. It is a threesome. Actually it appears that it will be a “False Trininty. The prophet also claims that all three trouble makers will be elected to the Sanhedrin in Israel sometime in the near future. That is how the world will know who he is. The prophet also names the first and last names for all three individuals.

Well Volume One “Shekinah Prophecy” is written. It is a good read. It took 20 years of research. It is an easy read. It is prophetical. It is like something you have never read before. Buy it from this site on the home page. You have wasted US$14. dollars before. This purchase will not be wasted. You will learn many things. You had no idea Ezekiel claims world mythology is directly linked to Biblical prophecy? Neither did I. You did not know that Daniel is a date setter? Neither did I. These prophets are unique seers in the history of the world. They are not like Nostradamus who has nothing specific to say, except gobbledegook and gibberish. Contrast that to good old tried and true prophets Daniel and Ezekiel.

You can expect a lot more of this channeling making the news in the future.. I saw a report by Dan Rather on CBS news where they were doing a news story on Ancient Warrior Guides who spoke through some gal from the Pacific North West. You should have seen the face of Dan Rather. He was visibly shaken. And his own eyes were huge as he reported it. He did not know what was speaking through the lady in front of the audience. She had the deepest nastiest, snarliest voice you ever heard. It was a demon and MR. RATHER had it on national news a while back.

This will happen some more. Are you ready? Do you have answers?

“Shekinah Prophecy” Buy the book: Double your money back if you learn nothing from Volume One. Author Mike Young

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