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Why Bush Allowed Russians Buy 90% US Platinum Mines?

by Al Martin

Russia: The Best Enemy US Taxpayers Can Buy Again; The Bush-Putin Conspiracy

(Mar 15) For the first time in 24 years, on March 1, platinum traded above $900 an ounce, having doubled its price over the past 18 months. This event bespeaks of the conspiracy that the Bush Regime and the Russian government have entered, in order to force the price of platinum higher. Russia, it should be noted, produces 3/5 of the worlds platinum, and it is a substantial export earner for Russia. And this is how the conspiracy has been orchestrated… The Bush-Cheney Regime has passed a series of discreet laws regarding the mining industry. These laws have acted to discourage platinum production in the United States. Its often forgotten that the United States, although not a large platinum producer, accounts for about 10% of the worlds platinum production. To further aid this conspiracy, last year the Bush Cheney Regime unlawfully allowed a Russian company Norilsk secretly controlled by the Russian government to purchase Stillwater Mining which is the largest platinum producer in the United States. In fact it mines 90% of all US platinum. Stillwater is headquartered in Denver and its primary mining operations are in Montana. The company does both hard rock and leach platinum mining.

After they bought it, the Russians closed down Stillwater mining operations, using the lie that the market was over saturated with platinum. The Russian government had been withholding the metal in order to force up prices.

It should be once again noted that the purchase of Stillwater Mining by the Russian government (granted, it was through a supposedly private company, but the Russian government was behind it) is unlawful in that platinum is classified as a strategic metal.

It is against the law for a Russian firm, controlled by the Russian government, to purchase any mining company in the United States which produces any strategic metal or mineral. Strategic in this case means that besides any precious metal value it has and its normal industrial value, it is a metal which is needed to build certain weapons systems, principally strategic weapons systems.

So what is the purpose of this conspiracy? Why is the Bush Cheney Regime interested in helping Russia dramatically increase the price of one of its prime exports?

It is simply to help the Russian government t earn as much revenue as possible to aid the Russian government in its re-arming to make Russia once again a strategic threat to the United States in order to justify Bush-Cheney Regimes intentions (as can be seen on their PNAC website) of constructing a new American military empire in the 21st century. By recreating enemies of the past. By redividing the world behind Curtains both Iron and Bamboo, in order to justify a second enormous military build-up a la 1984-1987.

The US military build-up ultimately has to be justified, and you cant justify doubled defense expenditures on terrorism.

This is especially so, when $200 billion a year is being spent to build strategic weapons system which have no value in any war against terrorism.

The reasons why this instance stands out is that the Bush-Cheney Regime late last year 2003 had expressed concerns over Russias continuing development of their TOPOL-M strategic missile system, which is supposedly the most advanced such system ever developed.

According to the Bush-Cheney Regime, it is a decade ahead of our own MX missile program. They said that they didnt expect it to be built until 2010, due to the shortage of hard currency. The Russians announced over the weekend that they had completed the development and had begin to deploy the TOPOL-M missile system that the Bush Cheney Regime was so concerned about. They said that they had been able to accelerate and complete the program due to increases in the price of platinum and the explosion in export revenue they had earned from that price increase.

Then the Bush-Cheney Regime comes out with an announcement expressing extreme surprise, shock and concern, adding that we will now have to spend an additional $58 billion of the American taxpayers money to accelerate the development of the ABM missile program. This puts the whole conspiracy into a different light. Of that $58 billion, most of it will go to the Rockwell consortium. In fact, the chairman of Rockwell said on CNBC that in 2004 Rockwell will be increasing its contribution to the Republican Party by $30 million. And thats the nuts and bolts of the conspiracy.

(Meanwhile the thousands of employees of Stillwater Mining who were laid off and who were picketing, trying to bring to the attention of the press that the Stillwater sale to Norilsk was illegal — and not one mainstream media outlet in the United States would cover their demonstration. These employees should sue the US government for the loss of their jobs in that the sale of this company was illegal. The Russian government did not even apply for the necessary waivers in order to get out of the strategic metals and minerals ban. The laid off employees have a cause of action against the United States government.)

The Bush Cheney Regime is thus deliberately increasing the cost to American consumers in order to help the rearming of Russia and China. People are aware of how this is being done with China. In fact, only six weeks after coming into office, the Bush Cheney Regime granted China Most Favored Nation trade status. This is something the Clinton administration refused to do. Then they also reversed the Clinton position and supported the entrance of China into the World Trade Organization (WTO), without requiring the Chinese to meet WTO or BIS (Bank of International Settlement) mandates, in terms of making the Chinese Yuan convertible.

This debate goes on every day about how the Bush administration gets pressured even from its own supporters in business and industry, who are always hammering on the Bush Regime to exert pressure on China to make the Yuan free to trade. This is something the Chinese arent going to do, because they know if they do, the Chinese Yuan would rise sharply in value. This would then diminish their export capability.

But this is talked about all the time. What isnt discussed is how the Bush Cheney Regime has covertly entered into conspiracies with the Putin government in order to increase commodity prices which directly affect American consumers. One of these conspiracies has caused the price of platinum to increase dramatically, the price having doubled over the past two years.

A secondary conspiracy which has worked between the two regimes concerns the effort to increase the price of palladium. Palladium is called platinums weak sister or little brother, simply because its a cheaper metal. Not only is Russia the worlds largest producer of platinum, it is also the largest producer of palladium on the planet.

Palladium has fewer applications and the market is thus smaller. Thanks to this collusion between the Bush Regime and there Putin Regime, the price of palladium has in fact risen 50% within the last 12 months. At the end of February 2003, for the first time in 20 years, palladium traded above $250 an ounce. This has also profited Russia enormously in that it is the largest producer and exporter of palladium.

This was the key measure undertaken by the Bush Regime in this conspiracy with the Russian government in order to push palladium prices higher domestically, since the United States is the largest consumer of palladium industrially.

Over the last twelve months, the Putin government was concerned that General Motors was very close to successfully developing the technology to substitute silver for palladium in catalytic converters. By the way, catalytic converter technology is not only used in cars, trucks and other vehicles, it also spans the entire industrial spectrum. This technology is used to effectively reduce hydrocarbon emissions, specifically sulfur, in any hydrocarbon fueled power generation plants. They are also used in so-called industrial plant scrubber technology.

After General Motors announced last march that its technical division was very close in working out the science necessary to substitute silver for palladium, which would have reduced the cost of producing catalytic converters by more than 50%. That was one of the big reasons to do it. It wasnt the hydrocarbon emissions as it was the enormous profit potential for reducing the price of catalytic converters and thus making them more saleable, particularly to the utility industry, which is the biggest market, even larger than the automotive market. There is a hundred times more metal used in one catalytic converter on one smokestack of an old coal burning utility plant than there is building 10,000 cars.

In order to prevent this from happening, General Motors was using some of the technology developed by a Monsanto consortium. General Motors had actually licensed this technology and developed it further.

Meanwhile the Bush Cheney Regime, in order to help the Russians and ensure that palladium prices would stay firm and even increase in price, undertook measures of their own

In March 2003, the Bush Cheney Regime had become aware that GM had made the necessary breakthroughs to make the substitution of silver for palladium in catalytic converters possible

In April 2003, the Bush Cheney Regime quietly withdrew the tax incentives that were given to the R&D companies for the conversion of palladium to silver. These were the tax incentives that firms were relying on to further their R&D work.

At the same time the Monsanto consortium which had granted an effective put option on the licensing of the basic technology, went back to General Motors and said you either effectuate this option to buy this technology from us for $35 billion, which happened to be ten times the agreed upon price or well take the technology back.

The reason this offer was made was due to the coziness of Monsanto and the Bushonian Cabal. It was done to pressure GM out of it. Like most technology license deals, it was an either-or deal at the option of the licensor not the licensee. Usually the licensor would get a percentage, a certain number of dollars for every new catalytic converter produced with this new technology. Monsanto however made it clear that they would opt out of that kind of deal. Instead they said youre going to have to buy the patent-licensing rights from us.

General Motors had an independent estimate done, what the technology was actually worth, by the National Academy of Sciences, which told them that the technology, in terms of its commercial application was worth $3.5 billion.

Monsanto meanwhile had told GM that they wanted $35 billion not $3.5 billion. There was nothing GM could do about it. GM passed.

Now heres how the conspiracy kills more than two birds with one stone. Monsanto does not have a big environmental controls business. They had no way to really profit from the technology. Theyve had to get involved with others or sell it. It only cost Monsanto about $240 million to develop it because they just stumbled into it. It cost them hardly anything and they had no real use for it.

Monsanto then took the technology back and resold for $435 million (not $35 billion) to guess who?

Halliburton Environmental Controls Corporation, a subsidiary of the Halliburton Corporation.

After the sale to Halliburton was effectuated in September through its offshore global environmental post office box based division in Vaduz, Liechtenstein for $435 million. Of which they only had to come up with $85 million in cash. The other $350 million was a senior non-subordinated debenture from Monsanto.

Do you think that other $350 million is going to get paid anytime soon?

Cue up the laugh track once again.

Furthermore after the sale was effectuated to a shadowy offshore division of Halliburton in Liechtenstein which isnt reportable to any US agency, including the Securities and Exchange Commission. Its not reportable to any US agency for anything.

Then guess what happened? Two days later on September 12,. there was only one paper in the world that reports this sale. It was the Zurich issue of the Journal of Industrial Metals or Commerce or some publication with a similar title. Some incredibly esoteric publication that probably has a subscription of only 3000 people on the entire planet.

Then on September 14, the Bush Cheney Regime announces that suddenly the tax incentives are back for the conversion technology. But now the conversion technology is a Monsanto Halliburton deal. And get this as always with the Bush tax incentives, hey you bought it through a shadowy offshore corporation, dont worry. You still want your tax incentive? The only thing you need to do is have a post office box in Washington DC and a registered agent (not even a corporate counsel of record),

Halliburton Global Environmental Services Division Ltd opens up a Halliburton Global Environmental Systems (USA), which exists as an office of convenience in the international building in Washington at 1800 I Street NW, where all the offices of convenience are . So a post office box, a drop box and an office elf convenience, then suddenly the Monsanto Halliburton consortium is entitled to a $150 million taxpayer funded tax incentive to produce the technology.

To make it even sweeter, Halliburton than says to the Russian government, with whom it does much more business than is commonly presumed, since Halliburton is a primary partner in this new Novosibirsk oil field deal – – look when Halliburton develops this technology, we will give you a fixed price put option to sell to us all the palladium you can produce. In other words, dont worry about it; well protect you.

These seemingly esoteric transactions accomplish three or four very large items on a macro scale. This series of shadowy transactions were not widely reported because there are so few people who are really interested.

Thats how it all works (and how it worked during the Reagan-Bush Regime) was by making it all so esoteric, knowing that nobodys really interested in even reading about it. Can you imagine Wolf Blitzer on CNN trying to explain the intricacies of catalytic converter technology and substitution of metals? Everybody watching it would turn the channels.

At last count Halliburton itself has 1,734 global subsidiaries. That was actually reported on Cayman Island News, which did a story that followed up on the 60 Minutes piece about Halliburton scams. Of these subsidiaries, 1,558 were offices of convenience and drop boxes, i.e., they were paper front companies, in that they exist nowhere except in an attorney’s file drawer.

This conspiracy between the Bush regime and the Putin Regime then is to help increase commodity prices for which Russia is the largest producer and exporter in order for Russia to gain additional hard currency to devote to military spending, specifically to rebuilding and modernizing their strategic forces.

The Russian defense minister admitted that it was the dramatic increase in the price of platinum that provided them the additional revenue to develop their new TOPOL-M strategic missile system ahead of schedule. Then the Bush Cheney Regime made a big deal about it because this system is supposed to be more advanced than the anticipated capability of our ABM system to provide an effective strategic deterrence.

By the way, the current ABM system has been tested and the only flying objects it was able to shoot down thus far was a flock of seagulls, which its targeting systems mistook for a mock incoming Russian missile. (The Patriot Missile scam is another one, also recently covered on the 60 Minutes show.) Rumsfeld then announced that the Russians developed a new system despite our pressure. How disingenuous it is for Rumsfeld to say this after the Bush Cheney Regime entered into a conspiracy to increase the price of platinum and palladium which gave Russia the revenue not only to speed up the development of the missile system, but to complete it 18 months ahead of schedule. Then Rumsfeld uses the completion of the system as a reason to devote $200 billion to accelerate ultimate deployment of our anti-ballistic missile program. Theres the complete circle.

By the way, the ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) program, which successive regimes since 1979 have attempted to develop, has cost $2.2 trillion of the American taxpayers money thus far, according to DoD statistics. This ABM system fraud has been ongoing. It was the same one, which then DARPA head Jack Verona in 1985 attempted to disclose by releasing the report which ultimately cost him his job. They set Verona up and tried to discredit him by saying he was a drunk who slept with a Russian agent after he leaked out the DARPA report on the ABM system, which said that the technology necessary to perfect the system would not exist until 2012 at the earliest.

And yet $2.2 trillion of the American taxpayers money has been wasted on it already. It should also be noted that of that total expenditure from 1979 to date, the Department of Defense cannot account for $1.4 trillion, as reported in GAO audits. That ABM weapons fraud has been the greatest single weapons fraud ever perpetrated against American taxpayers in the history of the republic.

Remember – when your social security check is reduced, remember the ABM fraud.

To find the enemy within, you dont have to look too far.

* (www.almartinraw.com) His memoir, “The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider,” chronicles his adventures with the Bush Cabal (National Liberty Press; 866-317-1390). Unprecedented in publishing history, this book is a detailed account of criminal government operations, including state-sanctioned fraud, drug trafficking and illicit weapons sales.

SPECIAL BULLETIN posted 3 days after main story.

Re: Al Martin Raw.Coms column called “Russia: The Best Enemy US Taxpayers Can Buy Again; The Bush-Putin Conspiracy” (3-15-04)about the unlawful conspiracy by the Bush-Cheney and Putin regimes with the intent being to push the price of platinum higher.

It has now been suggested to Al Martin Raw.com by the US State Department that this story be corrected regarding certain pertinent details.

To wit:

A. Neither the Bush-Cheney nor the Putin Regime acted to foster an unlawful conspiracy to push the price of platinum higher.

B. The Norilsk mining corporation is not secretly controlled by the Russian government and indeed has no affiliation with said government

C. Pursuant to this transaction, no monies were paid into the Bush Family controlled shadowy offshore Panama-registered Pilgrim Investment Trust, nor were monies paid into any such shadowy offshore trusts or corporations controlled by any members of the Bush Family

D. Pursuant to this transaction, no monies were paid into the shadowy Panama-registered DLC Trust, S.A. Ltd (Dick and Lynne Cheney Trust) nor any shadowy offshore trust or coporation controlled by the Vice President or his family

E. The international consulting firm owned by Neil Bush was not involved in this transaction and hence received no consulting fees thereunto.

F. The Carlyle investment group was not involved in this transaction and hence its European operations general manager Marvin Bush received no special remuneration.

G. The approximately 1,300 American employees of Stillwater Mining corporation who lost their jobs as a result of this illegal transaction have absolutely no legal recourse against either the American or Russian governments or the Norilsk mining corporation.

* AL MARTIN is a political-economic analyst as well as America’s foremost expert on corporate and government fraud. His columns (for subscribers only) are published weekly on Al Martin Raw.com: Political, Economic and Financial Intelligence (www.almartinraw.com)

As a follow-up to the previous column on the platinum/ palladium conspiracy (see previous week’s story) we see the great Bushonian Agenda to justify the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) charter is being advanced. There have been a record number of transactions in the mining business.

The mining industry is rapidly being consolidated. Last week, Russias Norilsk Nickel purchased a $1.7 billion stake in AngloGold. Iamgold purchased the entire Wheaton River Gold Corporation, which is Canadas third largest gold producer. The Chinese have also effectively kicked out all US and Western companies as investors out of PetroChina.

China is also saying that theyre going to kick out Freeport and Phelps out of the huge Mongolian copper development deal. The Russians have also said that they want to kick out any Western interests in the Tran Siberian oil development.

These transactions mean that we are seeing the continual pursuit of the Bushonian agenda to increase the resource dependency of the United States. Why? In order to justify building the American Military Empire in the 21st Century for the purpose of global domination of resources.

Bushonian policies and back-handed wink and a nod and a push is being used to increase Americas future resource dependency on other nations. This comes in tandem with the announcement by the Treasury that the national reserves of silver are exhausted, and they will have to begin to purchase silver on the open market. Furthermore the Treasury confirmed what I had long suspected that the entire US strategic inventory of copper, nickel and other metals has also been sold and is now exhausted.

And this is the connection between these events and Americas future reliance on foreign minerals, in all of these multi-billion dollar mining and oil and gas transactions this week, in which one company is buying another. The result of this will be reducing American ownership of global commodity resources.

In the future, global oil will not be coming form the Middle East. It will be coming from Russia China and the trans-Caucasus region. That is the planets future oil supply. The Middle East oil fields, as Saudi Arabia recently said, are drying out. And this is what the Bushonian Cabal is doing looking to the future in order to pursue its agenda.

Russian and Chinese companies are purchasing the world’s oil, gold, silver, and other specialty metals and minerals/ mining reserves and production/ refining facilities. This is a consolidation in Russian and Chinese companies and an expansion of control of resources. This fits into the Bushonian agenda of making Russia and China the New Boogeymen as in if they then control the resources, we have to take it from them.

The only way we can do that is, as PNAC says, by the construction of an American Military Empire in the 21st century, since we are the only country which could now go further into debt in order to build such an empire for the purpose of controlling those resources, which the Russians and Chinese are currently purchasing WITH the support and a wink and a nod from the Bush Cheney Regime. This will make the United States more resource dependent in the future.

Another part of this scheme is, as weve stated before, how the Bush Cheney Regime has acted to diminish resource production in the United States, particularly oil and gas, which continues to fall. This is done by not opening up the few remaining untapped proven reserves the nation has in Alaska, the Eastern Rockies and the offshore oil and gas deposits in California and Florida. These are the only four untapped proven reserves the US has left. The Bush Cheney Regime explains this by saying oh were trying to be environmentally sensitive. Thats nonsense. They dont want those resources tapped on purpose. They want the price of hydro-carbon fuels to increase. They want US dependency on foreign hydrocarbon energy to increase.

Also it should be noted that the gold and silver production in the United States has declined perilously. Under the Bush Cheney Regime , domestic production of gold silver platinum and palladium production has ground to a halt.

What theyre doing is turning back the clock. Its rebuilding and expanding the old American strategic spheres of influence. This is not adventurism. This is simply placing troops in other peoples countries and keeping them there forever. You could call this the permanent occupation of OPCs (Other Peoples Countries). This goes back to the old Roman Empire model of the control of resources.

As Julius Caesar said, Nations do not lose wars because they run out of soldiers, but rather because they run out of silver. The creation of all empires in history has relied on the control of resources because that is what is needed to build an empire.

The buying up and consolidation of mining companies therefore provides the excuse for the Bush Cheney Regime to build up the American Military Empire, but they themselves, the Bushonian Cabal are profiting along the way by having interests in a mining company or oil and gas company (the natural resources companies) which are being taken over. This is the essence of American Kleptocracy.

In other words, not only does Bush Cheney policy provide the excuse for the building of the American Military Empire in the 21st century for the purposes of global control of resources by making China and Russia the New Boogeymen, but they provide them with the revenue to buy more strategic weapons.

When China for example simply couldnt develop the Multiple Reentry Vehicle Warhead, we gave them the technology. When they couldnt develop the 170-kiloton weapon that fit into it, we gave them the WD88 weapon system. And when Russia do not have the revenue to build its new advanced strategic missile system the TOPOLM the Bush Cheney Regime once more came to the rescue by entering into as conspiracy with the Upturn Refine to increase the porcine of platinum/ palladium to provide them with the revenue and deploy the TOPOL M Strategic missile system

Then the Bush Cheney Regime encouraged China and Russia to begin to take control of the planets natural resources through purchasing the corporations that control them, like Norilsk Nickel for example. That increases US resource dependency on foreign resource assets, increasingly dominated by Russian and Chinese control a secondary justification for the construction of the American Military Empire. Now its not only needed as a military counterweight to China and Russia, whose increase in strategic offensive capability is being funded by the American people in their capacity as consumers as investors.

Then, along the way in the construction of this American Military Empire, you accomplish the third Bushonian agenda, i.e. the continuous consolidation of money and power into higher, tighter and righter hands domestically, by ensuring that Bushonian Cabalists have interests in various resource companies which Russian and Chinese consortiums are purchasing at substantial premiums to market values. Thus, as Kissinger pointed out, by 2021 the top 1% of the nation will control 90% of the nations wealth as a byproduct of building this new American Military Empire. Its a very neat little package.

In 20 years, this will give the United States the ability to absolutely dictate prices. If you, the squalid citizen living on so many square feet you’re allowed, due to overpopulation, can’t pay hey, its off to a CILF labor camp for you. (CILF stands for Civilian Inmate Labor Facility.)

This will be the New High Tech Feudalism for the 21st century, the beginnings of which we can already see in the knighting of Sir George Bush, Sir James Baker and Sir Alan Greenspan. The senior members of the Bushonian Cabal have gotten their titles. They have their serfs in place (the soon to be pensionless American people). Now all they need is their fiefdoms.

If youre unprepared, what else could you be but a serf in a CILF?

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