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Japheth: Whose Who of the gods?

By Mike Young, A continuing series

After the tower of Babel occured Noah’s son Japheth who was still alive had new names by the new tribes that migrated away from the cradle of civilization. His new names still live on. Some tribes called him Oceanus, Jeputus or Aria plus dozens of other names.

He was the father of the Greek Titans and the Indo-European races. The Greek Homer spells Biblical Japheth and and his son Biblical Javan as Iapetus and Iason. Japheth’s grandsons were the Ionians. Another son of Japheth was Biblical Meshech whom the Greek writers called the tribe Mushki. He is the founder of …. …. Moscow. Japheth is also the father of the blond hair and blue eye Chinese.

Some of Japheth’s sons moved to China. Their graves have been rediscovered as white man, red hair and blue eyes. Japheth was called Aria by some tribes. His name lives on as the father of the Aryans. That is the lighter skinned early tribes of the Indo-Europeans. Noah’s son Japheth is the father of all Indo-Europeans.

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Some of the descendants of Japheth are now mummified corpses, ranging from 2,400 to 4,000 years old, in the Tarim Basin region of western China. Yes, early Indo-Europeans were in China in ancient days. Amazingly well preserved by the arid climate in the area, the mummies give evidence of a Nordic people with an advanced culture, splendidly attired in colorful robes, trousers, boots, stockings, coats, and hats. In one large tomb the corpses of three women and one man were discovered. The man, about 55 years old at death, was about six feet tall and had yellowish brown hair that was turning white. One of the better preserved women was close to six feet tall, with yellowish-brown hair dressed in braids. [Above: Xinjiang (Chinese Turkestan), largest province in China, site of the Tarim Basin mummies. Below: Tall, blond European, buried 3,000 years ago in western China. The mummified bodies of dozens of his kinsmen have been disinterred in the same area.]


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