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Illegal Arms Bazaar: At Redstone Arsenal USA

By US Col. Al Martin (retired)

In recent days, the FBI has become very concerned about leaks, which have been exposing the illegal activities of the illegal arms dealers at Redstone Arsenal. The Bureau has committed fresh resources to uncover the individuals who are leaking information to the Al Martin Raw website about continuing frauds at the US Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. One of the sources, the Friendly Colonel, believes he may be in danger, since it is always dangerous to uncover fraud and malfeasance and to tell the truth about government, especially when it relates to government wrongdoing.

In an update on the “Marshmallow Story,” the illegal sale of anti-personnel explosive devices to illegal Chinese arms dealers it seems that the transactions of “Mr. Murphy” (an alias for a Chinese arms merchant) are going along well. “Mr. Murphy” has now rented enormous storage facilities near the Redstone Arsenal for his ” marshmallows” pending the June 15 shipping date. The Friendly Colonel had no idea of the quantity of marshmallows he bought. By the time the purchase order is fulfilled, he said that three ships will be needed to transport them to Mexico. The first delivery took up three of the biggest warehouses that were available, ordinarily used by heavy equipment operator/ contractors to store equipment. He was surprised at the enormous quantity.

One of the topics of discussion at the weekly meeting/dinner was the increased nervousness because everyone realizes there’s a leak, and the FBI is making everyone more nervous because of their investigations. Apparently (although it’s not identified), there is one or more investigative committees from congress which are getting closer and closer.

The general in charge announced that there is going to be “Officers’ Target Practice” this week in the event they’re going to have to shoot some “hostiles.”

The “hostiles” that the general is referring to are investigators.

There were also many comments on the failure of the test of the new VMX43 aircraft, which was a loss of $185 million to the taxpayers.

The general actually laughed and said, “$185 million? We defraud the American taxpayers more than that every year in food and booze.”

The VMX43 project was a collaboration between defense contractors. The general thought these guys that built this thing “must be pikers if they can’t figure out how to defraud the people out of more than that.” These wise cracks just come out of them. They don’t care who hears it. They really believe they’re impervious. They really think that they’re invincible and even bullet-proof.

They are however “concerned” about the “public safety” of what they’re doing. You must remember that everything that is being done at these arms sales is illegal. The weapons sales are themselves illegal. The people buying them are illegal arms dealers. They’re being illegally sold and transported illegally to other countries. Every step of the way is illegal.

People need to be reminded that even though they think these activities at Redstone Arsenal appears to be “business as usual,” that every step in the process is an illegal act.

This is a public safety issue. All of these highly explosive “marshmallows” (very volatile anti-personnel devices) are being shipped in cardboard banker’s boxes stuffed with newspapers. They are transported by ordinary rent-a-truck companies.

“Mr. Murphy” thought this would be the cheapest way to do it. The boxes are all sealed up and marked “educational materials.” As has been mentioned before, if just one of these five-ton capacity trucks loaded with these “marshmallows” were to explode, it would be a simultaneous explosion. It is enough explosive power to flatten several city blocks. These weapons are being transported without any license and without any permits because they are illegally marked in a regular rental truck with no precautions at all. And they are being driven through high-density civilian areas.

What they’ve always been concerned about is a major accident in which a lot of civilians get killed. All the illegal weapons being illegally shipped out of Redstone Arsenal include both conventional and non-conventional munitions. Most are being shipped over the road, and since it’s illegal, and since they’re all being mislabeled as something other than weapons, no precautions are being taken whatsoever.

In addition, the weapons which leave illegally via air are transported by aircraft whose safety is considered marginal at best. These aircraft are afflicted with the same problems that the Department of Defense has with all its aircraft. The Spare Parts Scams (cannibalizing parts from one to another) have depleted the inventory of serviceable aircraft. Weapons are being flown over high-density population areas in rickety old aircraft. And they are absolutely scared that a major accident might happen, an accident which could take out five to ten city blocks of some big city.

The problem with the congressional investigating committees is that they are typically do-nothing affairs. In fact, the problem for whistle-blowers remains – where do you go to report this fraud? Do you go to the do-nothing committees?

Dear reader, vest no hope in exposure by congressional investigating committees whose members oftentimes have a conflict of interest in exposing the truth because they have some political or financial reason to keep the truth from the people and to hide and suppress the truth.

So what’s a poor citizen to do? Take Prozac .

But seriously

And this is the irony of how dangerous it is to tell the truth about government — congressional committees will do nothing because of their individual members’ conflict of financial interests. Often they have direct political or personal financial interest in making sure that certain fraud connected to certain military contractors is not uncovered.

The Department of Defense Inspector General is also quite useless. All they do is write a report which gets filed and no one ever sees it. They write a report. It goes through the Department of Defense and nobody ever does anything with it. Then it goes to all the congressional committees, which also do absolutely nothing with it. Then the report goes to the media, and then maybe one or two media outlets will actually do something with it, maybe publicize the Inspector General’s report about this problem, or that fraud, or that deficiency, But then nothing is ever done about it.

It should be noted for the record that the general at Redstone has a habit of calling the American people “fodder.”

He uses the term “hostiles” to describe congressional investigators and “fodder” to describe the American people. The general typically uses these “Bushonian” words which Jeb used to use all the time. Oliver North used these terms as well. It was common jargon used by this clique.

But the public safety issue of transporting illegal weapons from the Redstone Arsenal should be a primary concern to the American people. The weapons, for example, mentioned in the Al Martin Raw article about the V22 Osprey, were all chemical weapons that were undoubtedly leaving US shores. Had one of those aircraft exploded in the air over a populated area, five million people would have been killed.

This is a volatile topic — loading illicit chemical weapons on an aircraft (the Osprey V22) whose safety record is marginal at best. It’s a potential catastrophe just waiting to happen since the government has been doing this for years — with no regard for public safety.

The Friendly Colonel has expressed concern that the investigation may eventually lead to him. Regarding the Friendly Colonel — the FBI doesn’t know who he is and what frustrates them even more is that they don’t even know which colonel he is in whose army.

“Mr. Murphy,” the Chinese arms merchant, has a partner who’s a retired general in the German army. He thinks the Friendly Colonel is in the Israeli Army. A Russian general is under the impression that he’s a colonel in the South African Army. What is continually amazing is that no one knows who anyone is at these arms bazaar meetings. They just figure if you’re there, you belong

Everyone is known by rank, but it’s very confusing. The Germans show up in US uniforms. The Russians show up in Pakistani uniforms. Nobody knows who anyone is. Or what armed service they’re actually affiliated with.

And this is the global arms bazaar. And it is very bizarre indeed.

The lengths they go to hide their identity is amazing. But they all insist on using their real rank – but you never know which army they’re from. The FBI knows that some of the leaks are coming from the Friendly Colonel, but they don’t know who the Friendly Colonel is. Or what nationality he belongs to. Or what army he is in. Or what army he claims to be in.

The hilarity of the situation is that these meetings have absolutely no security. This is a US military arsenal where classified weapons systems are bought and sold illegally on what is supposed to be one of the most highly secure military facilities in the country, namely Redstone Arsenal. And yet foreign military officers are allowed to enter by presenting identification which is false. And the general and all his people know it’s false. The general himself doesn’t know who half the people are.

I mean, you could say you’re with the “Fourth Mongolian Light Brigade” and you’d get on the base.

The security lists at the base don’t make any sense and don’t correspond to any of the people who are there. There’s always a bunch of Arabs around with obviously fake names like “Colonel Goldberg.” And the Chinese are always Major this or Colonel that of the “Fourth Mongolian Space Defense Force.” It’s absolutely hilarious. And the FBI can’t figure out who anyone really is.

They all make up names — even military divisions. They even make up whole armies sometimes. And then they show up in military uniforms of countries, which don’t correspond to the lie they told the first time. It is such a state of confusion that no one really knows who anyone else really is.

This will most likely be the last article in this ongoing series on “Fraud at the Redstone Arsenal.” As always, though, the Al Martin Raw Website will provide continuing updates, as information becomes available.

And rest assured — the Al Martin Raw Website will not rest until the Whole Truth is told.

“Mr. Murphy,” the Chinese arms merchant, is working as an agent for a Taiwan-based company called Samitron Corporation. It is on Samitron’s behalf that he is dealing in the anti-personnel weapons called “marshmallows.” (See previous column “Those Wacky Arms Dealers” ) It should be noted that Samitron is the largest manufacturer of toilet paper in Taiwan. So in essence, you have a toilet paper company dealing in illicit “marshmallows.” Samitron Corporation, a Taiwan company, is actually controlled by the People’s Republic of China, and it has been often used as a front for illicit weapons transactions.

This information was revealed by Mr. Murphy’s driver, a 7 ft. tall black guy named Jonesy, who drives Mr. Murphy around in a black Cadillac limo. Mr. Murphy is 4 ft. 9 in. tall and wears elevator shoes. He speaks in a broken Chinese Pidgin-English.

Besides driving, Jonesy acts as a bodyguard, but Jonesy doesn’t speak English either. All he speaks is Jive, but he can interpret what Mr. Murphy is saying. So you talk with Jonesy and he translates Mr. Murphy’s Chinese Pidgin-English into Jive. Then you have to find someone who talks Jive to finally understand what’s being said.

So when they keep trying to make arrangements for trucking the “marshmallows” out of Huntsville, they talk about Penske (as in Penske Trucking) and Mr. Murphy calls it “Renske”. He actually thinks these are different companies. Mr. Murphy has heard of U Haul and Penske, but the way he pronounces them, he thinks that “Ru Raul” is different than U Haul and “Renske” is different than Penske.

When the Friendly Colonel finally asked Mr. Murphy what business Samitron was in, Mr. Murphy answers, “Roilet Raper.” So he asked Jonesy what he said and Jonesy replies, “Yo, man, That’s toilet paper, man.” Maybe someone could sell it as a software application – a translation of Chinese Pidgin English and Jive.

It has also been revealed that Mr. Murphy’s partner is a German arms dealer who works for Siemens. All the other Huntsville arms dealers and the FBI agents call him “Heinz the Hun.” In fact, that’s what he calls himself.

Mr. Murphy’s five-ton cargo of “marshmallows” has finally left Huntsville and is being trucked to Decatur, Alabama on the Mississippi River. Then these illegal weapons will be transported by barge to New Orleans.

Evidently Penske Trucking didn’t want to transport the stuff once they found out what it was. One of the cardboard bankers’ boxes, which contained the “marshmallows,” was opened and the man in charge, who happened to be a former Army munitions guy, knew immediately what it was. He said, “We ain’t touching it.”

So they had to look around and find someone who would do it with no questions asked.

They finally found a tiny company in Madison, Alabama. It’s a small one stop-light town, the next town over from Huntsville. The company is called Towelhead Trucking.

I swear to God, I didn’t make this up. It’s run by these two Iranian guys who don’t have any papers. They have a 1967 GMC five-ton truck that’s rusty and all banged up. And on the door, it’s got partially obscured in worn-off paint “Towelhead Trucking.”

They hardly speak any English. They’re apparently undocumented Iranian aliens, who don’t even have drivers’ licenses. And they told him, “We don’t give a shit what you have in there. You pay us. We drive it.”

At this weekend’s auction, Mr. Murphy and Heinz the Hun will be bidding on an illegal missile system which will be transported to Tsing Hua. This is apparently an experimental missile system the United States worked on. They claimed they couldn’t get it to work, but in fact it had already been perfected. If they claimed that they had gotten it to work, it would have violated the ABM Treaty. It was secretly finished but couldn’t be deployed without violating the treaty, so the $16 billion of covert money that was spent on it was washed out and the missile system just sits in a warehouse marked “Used.” They expect be able to buy it for $3 million.

What a deal! It cost US taxpayers $16 billion to make it and illegal arms dealers will walk away with it for $3 million. He said that normally these guys get to buy stuff at one-hundredth of the price that taxpayers have paid. That’s the normal fraction. This is an indication of how widespread the fraud and corruption really is. And nobody cares.

The Friendly Colonel has just attended another one of the Endless Retirement Parties for the FBI Agents Who Never Retire. They’ve been held in limbo because the FBI doesn’t want to let them go – because of what they know. So they just hang around the office all day long, and they have retirement parties, sponsored by different associations of illegal arms merchants.

Mr. Murphy and Heinz the Hun are real chummy with these FBI agents. The Friendly Colonel told them, “You’re supposed to be stopping people like this. What are you doing?”

The FBI agents answered, “Its none of our business. We don’t care — as long as they keep footing the bills for our lobster lunches and Dewars and soda.

One of the FBI agents actually admitted to him, “We know they’re just simply executing an illegal covert policy of our own government. We have our pensions to think about. We have our offshore accounts from years of graft to protect. So we don’t want to step on anybody’s toes. Short of murdering people in this country, we don’t really care what they do.”

One of the FBI agents characterized this lifestyle as having an “Endless Surf and Turf — and a bottle of Chivas Regal that never runs dry.” Courtesy of these illegal arms merchants.

The Friendly Colonel can’t get over it – how bold they are, considering they’re still working for the FBI.

The FBI says they’re technically retired from the FBI, but they’re still drawing a paycheck. One of the FBI agents has a brand new leased Lincoln Towncar from some outfit called Pan Universal Weapons System or something like that.

The fraud is so open. Everybody knows that the American People can’t do anything about it. Congress won’t do anything about it. The media stays away from it by and large so it’s just an open city.

Usually what happens is that Saturday, there’s an auction, and then there’s a luncheon and then there’s a follow-up meeting and luncheon on Sunday and then more meetings. From Friday night until Sunday night – it’s just a continuous gorging yourself on lobster tails and filet mignon and Chivas Regal. It literally goes on for three days. Friday they have the viewing period for the auction.

In a world where nothing is legitimate, how you commit a fraud itself falls into various categories. That’s the difference between a “Cocktail Napkin Fraud” (an off the cuff fraud) and a “Real Fraud.” If you just have invoices printed up with Trans Global Shipping and no address, no phone number, nothing, then it’s called a “Cocktail Napkin Fraud.” But if you incorporate in an offshore jurisdiction, have stationery printed up, get a mail drop and a telex numbers, you could make it a “Legitimate Fraud.”

This Culture of Fraud is such that you have to remember that everything that’s being done is illegal — but nobody thinks of it that way. It’s just different classifications of illegality. If somebody’s running a good fraud, a proper fraud, where all the titles are registered, the names are registered, you might actually start to think that what you’re doing is “legitimate although it’s still illegal.

You could run it as an “off the cuff fraud,” or you could run it as a “legitimate fraud” And when you really think about the word “legitimate” connected with the word “fraud” — this is the culture. I would call it the Culture of Realism. Or the Culture of What It’s All About and the Way Things Really Work.

Over the weekend, Heinz the Hun’s bid on a lot of “mushrooms” was also successful. “Mushrooms” are an arms dealer’s euphemism for a certain type of land mine, which is shaped like a mushroom, hence the term “mushroom.” These are very sophisticated laser actuated land mines. Instead of being pressure sensitive they are laser-sensitive. A field of these mines is set up around a defensive structure or on a roadway. It has a discrete laser system that’s connected to the mines by a low frequency signal. If the laser beam is broken, the land mines are actuated. In other words, when the laser beam triggering system is off, your own troops can walk over them. It’s been fielded in the Balkans, in Serbia, Macedonia, and Kosovo.

The quantity they bought was so large it took six five-ton trucks to move them. The “mushrooms” are all crated up and pre-stamped by the Arsenal as “electric pencil sharpeners.” It’s all for customs purposes, of course.

So Heinz the Hun and his partner Mr. Murphy the Chinaman have hired Trans Global Shipping and Storage to transport the “mushrooms” using the same route that the “marshmallows” took.

But he had to find another trucking company. This one was called the Yahoo Trucking Company – at least that’s what the Friendly Colonel calls it. Their claim to fame is that the owner won the Huntsville, Alabama Long Distance Tobacco Spitting Contest. After meeting the owners of the company in the trailer, which they use as an office, the Friendly Colonel spied the plaque on the wall.

Now everybody’s convinced that the Friendly Colonel is a colonel in the Israeli Army. He adds to this impression by going around saying “Shalom” all the time.

The Friendly Colonel has had a very full weekend. He went to the regular Arsenal lunch on Saturday. Then he went to the lunch on Sunday at the Olive Garden that the arms dealers host for the Perpetually and Never-ending Retiring FBI agents.

The never ending retiring FBI agents are hosted to a never-ending series of lunches and dinners at the Olive Garden with open bar and anything they want, filet mignon, lobster tails, all hosted by the Illegal Arms Dealers Association of Huntsville.

These people, by the way, are the same people that the FBI agents are supposed to be stopping from doing what they’re doing. But these FBI agents have been on the pad all their lives. They don’t know any other way of living.

You have to remember when these guys first went into the FBI, they were as nave as all the others. Then they got this God, Home and Country crap shoved down their throats at Quantico. But after they’d been FBI agents for ten years, they figured out the way everything works and the way their own Bureau works. They started to look at things a little differently, a little more realistically.

Guys that can’t change their perspective from what they’re taught at Quantico and convert over to Reality after ten years — they just leave. But guys that stay on for twenty years or so and retire in their fifties like these guys — they’ve already been on the pad for twenty years and they have plenty of money accumulated in their offshore accounts.

You try to tell this to younger FBI agents and they don’t want to believe you. The majority of people in the FBI go through their whole careers being out of the loop. Then they retire and think that everything’s the way it’s supposed to be; and there’s a clear line between black and white; and they retire on their pensions and that’s the end of them.

But, within the FBI, there is what we call the Real People, the people that become “in the loop” and understand that there is no black or white, that it’s all an infinite shade of gray.

The guys who retire from the FBI, who have believed the God, Home and Country stuff all their lives and couldn’t get out of it — consequently they were left out of the loop on purpose. They are the people who retire to the $69,900 condo parks in Arizona. The guys who have been in the loop for the last twenty years of their career – they’re the guys who retire to the half a million-dollar condos in St. Lucia. It’s just the difference between Reality and the Disney Version of the Way Everything Works

And so ends the final update on the Adventures of the Illegal Huntsville Arms Dealers.

The Friendly Colonel reports this weekend’s menu at the Redstone Arsenal was sauted seafood linguini. He was sitting at a table next to a Chinese colonel who was actually attempting to eat his seafood linguini with chopsticks. It caused quite an alarm. The general in charge thought that someone had shot him because he had a big red spot on his white dress shirt.

What happened was that the Friendly Colonel sat next to a group of eight guys who were supposed to be representatives of what is supposedly the most secret military unit in the United States, stationed at the Redstone Arsenal. The code name of this group is “Minus.”

Since he had been telling people that he was in the arms business, they were showing him their wristwatches. They were all wearing matching wristwatches, which were about half of the size of a hockey puck on a wrist strap. He said “you’ve never seen such technology in such a little case.” It was supposed to have 102 functions all in this one item. You can receive coded transmissions from satellite phones. As they were talking, the guy said he was getting an email from a submarine. You can also blow up a building from a distance of two miles with one of these items. The guy was half in the bag and he kept rambling on and on about all the functions for so long that the Friendly Colonel was getting tired of hearing them all. It also has an omni-directional hypersensitive listening device. With this device, he says you can hear what someone is saying in the next room through a wall. He also said “This thing does everything except wipe your ass.”

So what happened is that a mechanism in this device suddenly made a sharp loud noise. Everybody who was there jumped because they didn’t know what it was. The general, who was half in the bag, looked at the Chinese arms merchant who had the marinara sauce all over the front of his shirt – and he thought somebody had shot him.

These guys from the “Minus” group drive around in what they themselves call a “tank-car.” It’s like nothing you can imagine. He said it looks like a cross between a Humvee and a black Cadillac limousine. It’s armor-plated and has 20mm cannons inside and all sorts of other weapons. It also has a remote satellite dish that comes out of the back.

The Minus Group is supposed to be some sort of ultra-secret ready-deployment team. They were kind of vague about what it is that they do, other than they kept talking about “state security” and the security of the state in the event of a crisis. It makes you wonder about the “security” of whose “state.”

The Friendly Colonel added that the announcer this week was a German officer who was dressed in the uniform of an American National Guard. He was parading around in an Alabama State National Guard uniform. Yet he was an officer of the German Army. He spoke very little English, so that nobody could understand what he was saying, except the other German guys who were there. He has said that you never know who anyone is. You see Russian guys wearing Israeli uniforms. You see Israelis wearing German uniforms. Everyone is wearing uniforms other than from their own country.

And now all the Chinese, German and Russian arms dealers are becoming super-paranoid. They’re looking for new routes to ship weapons because of the various ongoing investigations. The media’s looking at it quietly, and it’s making them nervous as hell. They’ve been switching more and more of the shipments from Department of Defense aircraft to civilian contract aircraft. The problem is the lifting capability of the civilian aircraft compared to the military aircraft. Now they’re forced to dismantle equipment and they’re complaining that it adds to the cost. But, of course, all they’re complaining about is illegal. Illegal sales. Illegal weapons systems. Embargoed countries. All illegal. The only thing they’re concerned about is the added cost, and nobody even mentions that everything is illegal.

The Chinese guy that spilled the marinara sauce bought a quantity of these satellite-transmitting, exploding, wristwatch hockey puck devices. It doesn’t have an exact name. It has some sort of designated code. It’s like the Dick Tracy Watch of the 21st Century.

The Friendly Colonel says he’s been offered every type of weapon imaginable if he wants to broker it, yet he doesn’t know anything that they’re talking about. He pretends like he knows and he writes down all the code numbers on the back of napkins. If someone calls him up, he says, “Are you talking about code number such and such?”

By the way, the Chinese arms merchant’s name was “Mr. Murphy.” That was the name on his nametag. And it’s the name he’s officially using in the United States. After the linguini dinner during which he slobbered all over himself, they had a sale, and “Mr. Murphy” bought a large quantity of what are called “Above-Ground, Pressure-Sensitive, Anti-Personnel Mines.” They’re actually nicknamed “Marshmallows.”

The Friendly Colonel watched the Department of Defenses sales and promo videotape they showed at the sale. The last time we used the “marshmallows” was in 1994 in the Balkans. Finally under international pressure, we withdrew them from our inventory because too many people who weren’t supposed to were getting hurt from them.

This is a weapon system that’s dropped in the form of a canister device. It’s a canister filled with these things. The canister drops, breaks apart and these little things are disbursed. They’re about the size of a Skippy peanut butter jar. They fall through the air and they have a slight bullet shape for aerodynamic purposes. After they come out of the canister, a thin tail pops out of them. There are shards of metal on the end. Picture an umbrella that has slits in it and that’s what it looks like. As it spins around, it slows its descent. They land like a helicopter lands without power. In other words, centrifugal force causes the tail rotor to counter-rotor and brakes its descent. These are the most advanced of this type of weapons we have yet developed.

The reason they get their nickname of “marshmallow” by the way is because the exterior is coated with a very soft spongy material. When they hit something, a hard object, like a building, they make absolutely no noise and they won’t make a telltale dent. One of the earlier problems with this weapon system was premature exploding, but now that they have this protective coating, they have a more sophisticated type of detonation system. They’re pressure sensitive. If you touch them, they explode. The promo video showed how powerful these devices are. They’re only about twice the size of a hand grenade. They put the device in the middle of a 50-gallon plastic barrel that was filled with wet sand, then they remote detonated it. The video shows first in slow motion, then in fast motion that there’s nothing left. The sand is completely disbursed and the barrel is completely destroyed. It’s just broken into little pieces of plastic.

This type of weapon system is not new. The Germans used them during World War II and the Germans launched them against Britain. The Chinese guy bought a large quantity of these ultra-sensitive anti-personnel mines. You don’t even have to touch them before they explode. If you simply wave your hand in front of it, it’ll explode. It has a shrapnel effect, which is absolutely devastating. So the Chinese guy who calls himself “Mr. Murphy” bought a large quantity of them.

The Friendly Colonel had jokingly told him that since they had a large problem in the storage and transportation of these weapons, “You might want to consider doing business with my company.” When asked about his company he told him “Trans Global Shipping,” a company which doesn’t exist. He just made it up.

Later “Mr. Murphy” invited him out to lunch. The Friendly Colonel called the local storage center which is called U-Pack-It. He just got their rates, multiplied it by three, and told the price to the Chinese guy. Then he drove him past the place and said, “These are my company’s special storage units.” And the guy believed him. Then when he was on the phone, he was asked what’s it called. He could tell there were some other Chinese guys in the background.

“It’s called U-Pack-It,” he told him. The Chinese guy then turned around and said, “oynga magouynga chopsuey fooey louey Upackit Upackit.” And the other Chinese guys said, “Ah so. U pack it U pack it.” They sounded like a bunch of parakeets “U packit U packit.” So the Friendly Colonel’s going to do business with them. He’ll make about thirty grand for a few weeks of storage. The Chinese guy told him that he thought the rates were “very reasonable.”

Then he told the Friendly Colonel he’s having this stuff trans-shipped first through Mexico, then through Costa Rica, then to Ecuador. But the final destination is Tsing Hua University of Taiwan. That’s the ultimate destination of these anti-personnel devices. He got a waiver through customs and they’re being shipped as “educational materials.”

He wouldn’t tell him where they’re going from there. This arms merchant might not be from the People Republic of China. He might actually be a Taiwanese arms merchant and Taiwan might actually be the end recipient of the marshmallows, but he couldn’t be certain.

What happens at Redstone is that this officer in charge of customs is getting invited into frauds himself, but he’s not receiving money under the table. It seems to be directed from higher-up. It’s a directive from higher up, and it’s all part of the covert and illegal rearming of China.

In other news, one of the Senate investigating committees has gotten a batch of documents from one of the nearly retired FBI agents. While the committee thought that up to 35% of helicopters were serviceable, it turns out that internal Department of Defense records show that in the entire inventory of helicopters within the US defense command structure (including all helicopters — assault helicopters, rescue helicopters, surveillance helicopters, fire control helicopters), only one in five is serviceable at any given time. Only 20% of the helicopters can be put into operation.

The reason these helicopters don’t work is because the spare parts don’t work. And the reason that the spare parts don’t work is because the majority of the spare parts for these sophisticated helicopter weapons systems are made by Chinese controlled companies. They are subcontracted out to Chinese-controlled dummy corporations which in turn will retain an American retired colonel, general or admiral to be chairman of the cut-out to make it appear that it isn’t a Chinese cutout — when in fact it is.

The Chinese make these spare parts and one of the Friendly Colonel’s friends said that half of the spare parts are the wrong size and the connections are backwards and they don’t work. They believe that this is an undeclared warfare against the United States.

It’s always been assumed that the Chinese are simply incompetent and can’t make these spare parts correctly, but by now the US has given them so much technology (military and high tech manufacturing technology) that they can’t be so incompetent any more.

Also it has been pointed out that this is a superb cover to transfer more military technology to the Chinese.

If you give them the schematics to build all the parts of the systems, then they have the ability to put the weapon system together without giving them the schematics of the system itself. Corroborating Al Martin Raw sources, the just released GAO Report concerning defense readiness reports that within the US military inventory, defective spare parts are at all-time high. There is also a report that military repair and service units have to cannibalize operating weapons systems that actually work. It is increasingly affecting military readiness. Some Air force and Army units report only a 20% effective readiness status due to the number of weapons systems that don’t work because of the defective spare parts.

Part of the Associated Press report on this topic claims that GAO commented that a certain series of news articles on a certain internet news service website had come to GAO attention in recent weeks. Because of this series of articles, the report continues, the GAO is now launching a new investigation into suspected fraud in spare parts procurement at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. (See “Fraud for Lunch”).

In an on-site report, the Friendly Colonel says that Department of Defense standards for testing components are an absolute joke. “Testing” consists of components being put on a machine that looks like it was made in the 1970s. It sends an electrical charge through it and “if the red light don’t go off, they say OK it’s good.”

The sergeant major in charge was there and he had chewing tobacco stains around his mouth. He was there with his subordinates. They stuck a bunch of wires and connectors on a thing which went into a big blue box that looked like it was made in about 1973. When asked “How do you know if the parts any good?” the sergeant major answered, “Well, if that there light on the counter, if it don’t go off, then it’s good.”

And that was the entire testing procedure for the components. If you talk about incompetence, it’s us who are the incompetents. Nobody wants to spend money on sophisticated testing equipment because it’s so much more expensive than it used to be. Also it requires more highly trained people to run testing equipment. Traditionally the Department of Defense testing centers are a dumping ground for all the numbskulls that can’t do anything else. It’s guys who have been there for thirty years and they’re still third sergeant.

The sergeant major knew absolutely nothing about what this machine did. All he knew is that you stuck the part in the slot where it says “Stick part in slot” (it actually has it written there so people will know what to do) and the other end of the machine has an index card scotch taped to it which reads “If red light goes off, part no good.”

Regarding the leaks — the FBI found out it was one of the older guys who leaked out this information about the poor quality of US helicopter systems and the problem with the spare parts, the spare parts being Chinese made, and that it’s just another way to transfer technology to China while maintaining deniability.

Everyone can say, “We never gave the Chinese the schematics to build these.”

But who’s going to ask “But did you give them the schematics to build all the different components that make up this weapons system?”


The Al Martin Raw website has scored yet another coup when we publicly disclosed the existence of the so-called “tank-car” used by the special military unit based at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

On May 30, CNN claimed that it was the first time that pictures of this vehicle were revealed. They would not show pictures of the exterior, but they did show pictures of the vehicle’s interior.

CNN stated that the vehicle was recently revealed at an army symposium. This vehicle is evidently built by Ford. The Army calls it an “urban assault or urban warfare vehicle,” to be used in urban areas “to fight terrorism” or “to suppress any domestic uprisings.”

The vehicle has many high tech devices. It is armor plated and among its weapons is a laser cannon.

For the record, Al Martin Raw has once again revealed information before anyone else.

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