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Why Bush Sr. wants Saddam DEAD?

By Al Martin (Dec. 15)

Isnt it interesting? Only three days earlier, the so-called Iraqi Interim Government was pressed to form the Iraqi War Crimes Tribunal. In an interview with the infamous Ahmed Chalabi, convicted of the $350 million Bank of Jordan swindle and now the chairman of the Interim Iraqi Council,… he was asked why was this War Crimes Tribunal formed in secret? Why was it the only bill of more than 300 bills passed by the Iraqi interim government that was passed in secret? Chalabi immediately said that the White House, not Paul Bremer, had asked him to keep the bill secret. So what was the agenda behind the announcement of the capture of Saddam Hussein?

Newsman Brian Lamb asked Chalabi where was the pressure coming from to form this war crimes tribunal, and Chalabi acted honestly surprised, like he didnt know himself either. He said that the request to form the Iraqi War Crimes Tribunal came directly from the White House and that he had received a call from his old chum George Bush Sr. and then a subsequent call from Henry Kissinger telling him to push the council into forming this tribunal immediately. And he didnt seem to have any idea why. It looked to me like Chalabi didnt have a clue.

Chalabi continued saying that on the commissions legislative debate agenda that they were not even scheduled to take this subject up until after the first of the year. When Chalabi asked Bremer about why it was necessary to form this tribunal so quickly and do it in secret and not reveal any details to the media, Bremer didnt seem to know why either.

What are the implications? Had it been announced that they caught him already prior to the legislative bill to form the Iraqi War crimes Tribunal, what would have happened by international law (and they couldnt have gotten around it) is they would have had to send Saddam to the Hague to the World Court. Bremer got asked that very question.

When Bremer got asked this question by Al-Hayat, he said Saddam will either be tried in Iraq or we may ship him off to the Hague. Then the gal asked him, how are you going to ship him off to the Hague when hes not under indictment by the International War Crimes Tribunal? She addressed him, Mr. Viceroy and said to him, You may remember Mr. Viceroy that it was the Bush I administration that had pressured the Hague in 1988 NOT to indict him and that the Bush II administration continued to pressure the Hague NOT to indict him.

Bremer pretended that he didnt hear the question because the had the earpiece in his ear for the translation. He kept tapping it. Then he said I have another appointment and I have to leave so I will turn over the press conference to Lt General Sanchez. He stood next to the podium and General Sanchez was about six feet away and had to walk up to him. As he was still standing there, the Turkish gal trapped him by asking him in perfect English, “Mr. Viceroy, can you clear up the confusion about the amount of US currency that Saddam was supposedly captured with?

He just looked at her. It was reported on CNN for the first 2 hours this morning that Saddam was captured with a large duffel bag containing $7.5 million in US $100 dollar bills. Then at precisely 6:18 eastern standard time, CNN changed the number, as did all the news services simultaneously to $750,000 from $7.5 million. They didnt even say it was a mistake or a revision. They simply changed what had been $7.5 million to $750,000. When Bremer heard that question, he pulled a Reagan. He stuck his hand behind his ear like he couldnt hear her, then ran off the podium smiling.

Then when General Sanchez came to the podium, the gal immediately said, “Have arrangements been made with the Treasury or State Department to have an official present, which is required by your own law, to transfer this money ands see it safely back to the United States — since the $2 billion you previously seized in Baghdad is now accounted for?

And General Sanchez said, Well I dont know anything about that. She then asked, Well who has custody of the money at this point? The problem is that Sanchez is not a Republican; hes a Democrat, one of the very few Democrat Lt Generals. When he was asked who has custody of this unknown quantity of money? Sanchez said he didnt know. He didnt know where the money was.

And as to the $2 billion that is missing, this is the first time on US media that this has even been mentioned since the money was seized. He said, Youll have ask General Franks. The gal then said we did ask General Franks, and he said he didnt know where the $2 billion was, and he suggested that we ask George Bush.

(Note: this refers to the $2 billon in 100 dollar bills seized from one of Saddam’s palaces in Baghdad last April and announced with much fanfare by the DoD. The last media coverage showed this money being trucked out under a tarp and loaded onto an American C141 cargo plane leaving Baghdad. The money has never been seen since)

The only logical conclusion to all this is that they didnt necessarily have Saddam Hussein on ice but they knew where he was. Theyve known where he was for probably the last week. It was obvious even by the initial news footage. It was funny even how the initial news footage was changed later on. Initially the first two hours of reporting up until about 6 AM eastern on Sunday December 14, they were showing direct military file footage that had just been taken in recent hours showing the initial capture of Saddam in this little six by eight foot room outside of Tikrit which is apparently owned by one of his relatives. They showed him almost as he was being captured because he was disorganized looking and had a long gray beard.

In the initial file footage, they showed Saddam with a pistol and an AK-47 and a very large duffel bag. It was one of the big military four and a half foot by two and a half foot bag. This is a bag that you could put $7.5 million in hundred dollar bills, particularly if they were crisp and Treasury wrapped, as we say. You could see this initially when part of the currency coming out of the duffel bag when the soldier had unzipped it to see it. It was so patently obvious that this was more than $750,000. This was a great big duffel bag that I doubt Saddam Hussein could have lifted himself. The soldier, a great big strapping kid,couldnt lift it either.

The implication is that they already had this guy and they knew where he was and they were just preventing him form leaving even though I don’t think he had any intention of leaving anyway because frankly I dont think he had anywhere to go. They were keeping the farm under surveillance and they knew where he was. Subsequently CENTCOM command said they knew for several days where he was and they were finally able to confirm it.

They have confirmed that they paid the $25 million reward at US taxpayers expense out to a variety of Saddam Hussein relatives. That was set up on Saturday when one of Saddam’s daughters asked if they could unfreeze the familys money so they could pay some bills. The inference that the White House wanted drawn is that one or more of his kids turned him in. Who knows if thats true or not.

When General Sanchez was asked about the $25 million, he said he wasnt certain, but he believed that it had already been paid out or at least part of it. CNN and Fox News later confirmed it.

Subsequently the White House has denied that the money was paid out. It should be noted that the daughter had asked the White House on Thursday to unfreeze some of the Hussein family money. Then suddenly its intimated that she told CENTCOM where he was. What I believe happened is that they put the squeeze on the daughter. Remember — her husband was killed by Saddam.

Several months ago George Bush said that all Iraqi bounty money paid out would be from seized Iraqi money not at taxpayers’ expense. Sanchez said that as far as he knew it was coming from the US taxpayers pockets. You could tell from the reactions that Sanchez wasn’t supposed to say that.

How could that have happened when according to Foreign Asset Control Office of more than $21 billion seized and 4 metric tons of gold bullion and unspecified high quality gemstones and numerous valuable antiquities and yet none of it has been returned to the US Treasury?

But I think they had him on ice and thats why they pressed Chalabi to have this Tribunal formed and prevented any release of any news about it because they didnt want to lose control of him which is what would have happened.

The only place for him to go would have been the War Crimes Tribunal Tony Blair was the first foreign leader to issue a response congratulating CENTCOM command for the capture. Blair said that he and the other allies would have requested that the Bush Administration send him to the Hague. Thats what they had anticipated because this would be the key body that would have jurisdiction since as Blair put it there was no sitting tribunal in Iraq. But now as Blair points out, he said fortunately for the White House the Iraqi interim governing council had passed the legislation 72 hours earlier.

People are wondering — will Saddam become Tony Noriegas bunkmate?

No, they wouldnt dare bring him to the United States. That would make a martyr out of him. It’s important politically that he be tried in Iraq by the Iraqi people. It will be a show trial by the White House. Thats why the White House didnt want any of the law passed by the Iraqi ruling council which infact cannot pass it. All it can do is proffer the amendment. In order for it to actually become law, American Viceroy of Iraq Paul Bremer has to sign off on it.

Sanchez, whos due for retirement anyway and was a big supporter of the Clinton Regime, is still a 3 star general and not a 4 star general. He said that had the Iraqi ruling council not proffered this bill and signed it so quickly, Saddam would have been shipped off to the Hague and they wouldnt have any say-so.

Sanchez added that interestingly enough, according to the Iraqi War Crimes Tribunal the way its been established by the council controlled by the White House that they can only pass laws with the consent of the American Viceroy Paul Bremer that the council has the ability to impose the death sentence. The Hague and the International War Crimes Tribunal does NOT. He said it is important to see Saddam Hussein executed.

When I heard that I said you bet its important before he starts flapping his gums and telling the truth about his longtime connections with the Bush Family and the past Bush Regime.

(Senator Joseph Lieberman, an ardent opponent of the death penalty, was the first politician to say that Saddam should be executed. He’s so desperate. Maybe his next political seat will be in the Knesset)

The truth is that we should all be reminded what George Bush Sr. used to say about Noriega He may be a right wing butcher, but hes OUR right wing butcher. The same could be said about Saddam Hussein.

As Ive pointed out on radio shows, Saddam Hussein is a guy who came to power through a CIA instigated coup. He is our right-wing butcher. We have always supported him. We have kept him in power. He has always done our bidding and this is particularly true during the Reagan Bush Regime. When he was asked in 1985 to get Iraq involved in the Iranian situation and to go to war with Iran in 1986 in order to help divert and contain Iranian expansionism, he did it. He was a dutiful Bushonian soldier.

When the BBC announced that Saddam Hussein had used biological weapons on his own people in 1988 (the Kurdish incident when 5000 people were killed in one hour), those were after all American biological weapons that he used. And the Bush administration was scared witless about that.

When almost the entire rest of the world demanded that the Hague indict him, it was the Bush I administration that intervened and pressured the Hague not to indict him.

Then in 1989 when the so-called Iraq Gate scandal began to break open, there were Congressional hearings about Bushonian mischief making with Saddam Hussein. But who remembers that now? Many senior Reagan-Bush people were inculpated in a scheme to illegally transfer non-conventional American weapons systems to Saddam.

When Senator Christopher Dodds committee attempted to subpoena Saddam Hussein, that subpoena was the only subpoena issued by the Iraq Gate investigating committee that was blocked by the Bush Regime. He was told to keep himself scarce and Saddam kept himself scarce when the Democratically controlled committee was investigating Bushonian involvement in the illicit transfer on non-conventional weapons systems to Iraq. That was when Saddam suddenly went on this holiday someplace in the Caspian Sea.

So Bushonian Right Wing Puppets, let this be a lesson unto you.

Watch out when you wear out your welcome and it becomes politically expeditious for you to take the fall because eventually, if youre a right wing dictator created by the Cabal, your time is limited. Youll live awful nice for a while and youll be protected — but it doesnt last forever.

And dont imagine for one minute what Noriega thought that all the documentation, all the tapes, and all the photos that he had of his meetings with George Bush, Bill Casey and Oliver North, in which North is complaining about Noriega asking for a per kilogram cocaine increase in his kickback money of CIA coke thats moving through Panama, which Noriega had recorded at the Intercontinental Hotel in Panama City, when North was there in that infamous meeting of December 10, 1985 (See “The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider” for all the details.)

Noriega thought theres no way they can come after me. Noriega wasnt stupid but, hey, they did. And nobody ever got to hear that tape. The New York Times and Washington Post never published a transcript of that tape.

Noriega, of course, tried, but the problem was that he turned over a lot of the tapes and documents to Frank Rubino, his own attorney.

Suddenly Rubino would tell him — we dont know where they are. Noriega didnt realize that he was retaining an attorney that had been a CIA agent before becoming an attorney and was very close to the Bushonian Cabal.

When Frank Rubino hired me, there was former CIA agent Frank Snepp sitting in the other room, talking to former deputy Attorney General George W. Terwilliger every single day, telling George what’s going on. And I said to Frank (and this is why they wanted to get rid of me) “Frank, doesn’t that strike you as a problem?” You got Frank Snepp sitting in your conference room talking to George Terwilliger every single day, telling him what youre doing? “Oh no,” Frank Rubino said, “Thats no problem.”

He had the conference call intercom on and I could hear Georges voice. And I said , Hey George. And George said, Whos this? And I said, Al Martin. Then he got nervous and he said What are you doing there? And I said They hired me to make a map of CIA narcotics routes and George couldnt get over it, and said Why would they do that? And I said Both you and I know to find out what I know. And George says, “Oh I wouldn’t know about that, Al. Havent I always been your pal? Ive always said if you need something, you come to me, talk to me and tell me what youre doing.

But to get back to Saddam of course, there will be a show trial for Saddam. He wont be allowed to say anything. Hell probably try to say something and then they might actually have him gagged or have him drugged. Either that — or what they might have done is promised him that he would live, but only if he keeps his mouth shut.

And then theyll shoot him.

They promised Noriega that if he kept his mouth shut, hed be OK. And he wasnt OK. Look at how many other right wing dictators were given the same assurances by the Bushonian Cabal. Roberto D’Aubisson of El Salvador. Mata of Honduras. Gee, none of these guys made out so well. Look what happened to all these guys. They were all assassinated .

But after the show trial, all bets are off. Oh, look at Saddamhe slipped in the shower on a bar of soap.

Thats what they said about Roberto D’Aubisson, who felt he didnt have anything to lose because he was dying of cancer anyway. When he was subpoenaed by the Iran Contra investigating committee, he was going to play out his hand. He was ready to come to Washington and actually talked to John Kerry. I remember at the time the nervousness that created in 1987. Jeb Bush was talking to his father and his father said, look everyone might have to get out of the country if DAubisson starts telling the truth.

And what happens to D’Aubisson? He drives his car into a tree.

It should also be remembered how CIA doper George Morales supposedly slipped on a bar of soap in prison and was killed when his head hit the floor. That was one day before he was due to be released — when he was going to Washington to testify before the Kerry Committee hearing

So Saddam — remember what happened to the other right wing dictators.

Remember General Ruben Mata Oliver North ordered his assassination. Then they tried to blame it on Honduran rebels, until it was discovered that there werent any Honduran rebels left because Mata had them all shot. That was the problem.

We used to laugh about that all the time. When Jeb, Ollie, Adolfo Calero and Richard Secord – the whole gang – was there, Jeb would say “The problem is that we have to liquidate people that are going to talk, people that have supported us. We cant blame it on all the peasants anymore because all these right-wing tinhorn doctors theyve killed all the friggin peasants.

AL MARTIN is America’s foremost expert on corporate and government fraud. A relentless whistleblower, he has written a book called, “The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider,” which chronicles his adventures with the Bush Cabal (National Liberty Press, Order Line: 866-317-1390). This detailed account of government criminal operations, namely State-sanctioned fraud, drug trafficking and illicit weapons sales, is unprecedented in publishing history. Al Martin is also well known for his great charm and profound insights into world events, and he is frequently interviewed on many talk radio shows across the nation. His weekly column “Behind the Scenes in the Beltway” is published regularly online at Al Martin Raw.

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