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Imperium Americanum: New American Empire (Part 1)

by Al Martin

You may have heard about the new Patriot II Act. You should be very, very concerned. Why? Because if this bill passes intact, it will give George Bush the power of Caesar –not just the defacto power of Caesar, as he has now but the actual power of Caesar. The so-called Patriot II Act contains two sinister provisions that the Bush regime was unable to pass in 2002 because of moderate Republican opposition led by Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Olympia Snowe (R-ME), that is, the $3.8 billion appropriations for the NICA (National Identity Card Act)– to begin organizing and issuing the cards. They will contract with the individual states’ motor vehicle departments. Thats where you will have to get the cards.

Also since there is a such a large population of resident aliens (13%) in different classification (resident aliens, permanent resident aliens, F4 green cards, F8 green cards and so on), they have come up with a new procedure to deal with them. It is called the Alien Registration Identification Security Act. This is now incorporated into the NICA funding bill.

Furthermore this new act contains an amendment to overturn Posse Comitatus (the restriction against using domestic military force against the domestic population). This is really the key to the whole thing and this will allow for the full and complete militarization (as stated in the text) of domestic law enforcement under the new fifth service branch, (also called Northern Command or Northcom, headquartered in Philadelphia) allowing it to receive separate and specific appropriations which are estimated to be between $30-$40 billion per annum.

It should be noted that this is being sold to the public the same way that the Office of Homeland Security was sold to them, i.e., that it doesnt cost the people anything because the office of Homeland Security is simply a coordinating office that brings together a lot of existing offices under one central organization. The money saved, they further claimed, because of greater efficiencies, will actually not cost the American people any money at all. They claimed that the $9 billion appropriation for 2002 for Homeland Security Office was less than the money the people would get more than that back in savings, which wee now know is nonsense.

The sponsorship of this Patriot II Act is exactly the same John Warner and Orrin Hatch, the two Bushonian Proconsuls of the Senate.

The so-called Patriot II Act goes way beyond that. It vastly expands what’s called the power of executive detention. That’s why the Constitutional Law Center is pressing its motion of certiorari to the Supreme Court to get them to rile on the legality of holding the 637 people in Guantanamo — before the passage of this Act.

Once this Act passes, US citizens can no longer challenge executive detention. This new power expands the category of people who could be detained significantly. It includes all American citizens who act in a seditious capacity by for instance publicly criticizing the Bushonian War on Terrorism, Bushonian military funding, or Bushonian budget deficits. These are the three items that are included as being seditious under the Seditious Publications and Utterance Act, which this bill vastly expands.

It also condenses, binds together and expands into one new act the Seditious Publication Act of 1942, as well as the Disloyalty Acts of 1950. It also t6akes them out of the National Security Acts of 1949-50, specifically sections 409-411 and 432, into one new body of law, giving the president absolute power of detention and arrest.

Furthermore it expands the new classification of citizens who can now be arrested and incarcerated for seditious utterance and publication. It automatically denies them right of counsel and access to the media. It also denies them right of appeal in civilian court. The situation that the prisoners in Guantanomo are in would suddenly be the situation that potentially thousands could be in.

It also separates the Civilian Inmate Labor Faculty Act from FEMA and transfers it to the Department of Defense. With the passage of this Act the Department of Defense will be able to create its new much vaunted Office of State Security.

The CILF, or Civilian Inmate Labor Facility program, will be transferred from FEMA to the newly created Office of State Security under the Department of Defense.

The Office of State Security will maintain a liaison function with the new Northcom Command. The military will take over the refurbishment and continued construction of the CILF program. Furthermore the military will run that program. All citizens, incarcerated in CILFS for acting seditiously, will be under military jurisdiction. The guards will be military guards and so on.

Interestingly, the people who complained loudest are the federal prison guards and workers union because they wanted the jobs. And theyre not going to get them.

The state prison guard union, for example, is very politically influential. Theyre just frightened of privatization and losing those jobs.

The federal prison guards are also frightened because it will significantly upgrade qualifications. You can’t be a 300-pound 11th grader anymore working in a prison. Youre actually going to have to have a college degree.

Anyway this will allow for a separate appropriations for the CILFs under the Office of State Security, and it will allow the Department of Justice to formally create what Ashcroft wants an Office of Political Security to replace the so-called Inspector Generals and internal court and operations division.

Meanwhile John Ashcroft’s 18-city tour for promoting the Patriot Act continues. Before he left, Ashcroft made a public statement that it was being done to increase support for the USA Patriot Act and to pave the way for the new Patriot II Act. This was supposed to tell the public how wonderful it is and how much we need it for fighting terrorism. The Department of Justice put out the calendar of events that were going to be held including public rallies and so forth. And thats not what happened at all.

Now that Deputy Reichsfuhrer Ashcroft is into the fourth city of the 18-city tour, it should be noted that they have been held in auditoriums yet no members of the public nor even the local media have been allowed in.

If youre trying to whip up public support for this, you’ve got to have members of the public there. Also another part of whipping up public support would be media attention — at least Spin-Lies Packaged Media attention. But they’re not even doing that. So far the only people invited have been police, public employees, US military personnel (if there’s a base nearby) and certain veterans organizations. They are literally selling it to people who dont need to be sold.

The real agenda of this so-called 18-city tour (please note that it’s in the largest and most liberal cities where there is a lot of anti-bush sentiment) is to firm up local law enforcement, public employees, emergency management, local military support not for the existing bill, but for the passage of the new bill and to explain to the police the vast expansion of their new powers and what they will be expected to perform.

They will then understand that they will be under military command and they will all be given new uniforms and new super high tech goodies and riot control gizmos.

This, of course, does not bode well for the communities that passed local anti-Patriot Act legislation. If the Patriot II act passes, it will immediately wash out any local, community, county, or state governments that have independently passed an act saying they’re not going to enforce, or simply off the cuff enforcing selected provisions. This will now force all governments (municipal, county and state) to execute the mandates of tbnothe the Partiot I and Patriot II acts. If they dont do so, they will be arrested and charged with treason.

One of the key parts that they dont want out, I believe, is this concept of the Office of Political Security along with the formalization of the Office of Internal Security, which will become a joint office of the Department of Justice with the Office of Cyber Security and Department of Homeland Security. This has been of course operating informally but this bill would formalize the operations of the Office of Internal Security .

The Office of Internal Security and the Office of State Security would maintain an elite military strike force. Thats one reason that the government has been beefing up and running a lot of people through the US Army’s School of Domestic & Urban Control. There are now 65,000 people who have been through that school since 9-14-2001.

The purpose of the school is supposedly to give the military the ability domestic terrorism by teaching them high-density urban warfare. Its supposed to teach them how to go house-to-house and jump from behind the bushes and knock everyones front door down at the same time — targeting the houses that dont have American flags waving in the breeze over their front doors.

Now people are concerned and the Bush administration knows this is a big step. Theyre particularly frightened about the local communities, 736 so far, and 114 counties and 4 states that gave passed bills against it or have said that theyre not going to enforce it. In a show of force, the Office of State Security is going to have its own elite military unit, which they can insert if necessary and take military control of any municipality county or state government that refuse to enforce. They will take direct military control through this Patriot II Act.

The governor of Iowa was even talking about this that the Democratic state governors are frightened of this new act because they know that they can be arrested if they dont enforce this act and see whats coming. This act significantly weakens as state county and local government.

It essentially increase jurisdiction particularly in the matter of domestic security and suppression of dissidents and surveillance of citizens. The functions or legal authorities that municipal, county, or state governments had over these areas will be effectively gone. They will then take FEMA and the OEM (Office of Emergency Management) and militarize them and combine them into one new agency to act as an enforcement agency to act at the local county and state level to endure that the federal acts are enforced. After all, it should be remembered that FEMA originally stood for Federal Emergency Military Action.

In this bill there is also the appropriation of $7.8 billion for the militarization of the Neighborhood Watch Association along with the companion $4.7 billion appropriation for the CDF (Civilian Defense Force) which is already authorized but which has languished because there has been no appropriated money for it.

This will be a combination bill and funding authorization. It will fund everything that is already lawful all bureaus, agencies and commissions created in the post 9-14 environment, since the state of National Emergency was declared.

The price tag for this whole ball of wax, Im guessing, will be about $48-$50 billion, and thats initially and God knows what the price will be down the line?

Nobody knows when the bill will be marked up. They suspect it will be some time in October. They cant do it before the end of the fiscal year which ends September 30. The congressional calendar is all jammed up so they have to do it sometime after October 3 when the new congressional calendar for amendments.

But to wrap it up, this beast of a bill is the fruition of what the Bush Administration has wanted. This provides for the internal security checkpoints at state borders. It would overturn any Supreme Court ruling which would limit law enforcements ability to stop busses and trains extemporaneously for security searches. Any existing Supreme Court ruling against the Bush Regime on internal security measure would be washed out.

What Congress is doing by passing this legislation is transferring ALL judicial authority to the executive branch and to the Supreme National Security Court

The United States Supreme Court would now be completely cut out, and thats the reason why the Constitutional Law Foundation has not been able to make any headway on this Guantanamo issue because the Supreme Court said that under the passage of the Suit Act, they no longer have the authority

Remember that the USA Patriot Act significantly increased the War Powers Act of 1947, as it related to the presidents ability to postpone or cancel elections. Specifically removed were the legislative oversight and consent and judicial review, but there were continuing mandates that in a declared state of national emergency that of a president wanted to postpone elections that there was some legal requirement to present to Congress what was called bills of information as to why a state of national emergency exists. That now removes all of that language and gives the president ABSOLUTE unfettered ability to simply not postpone, but to permanently cancel elections, as long as a declared state of national emergency exists. Of course that state is at the sole discretion of the president and can no longer be reviewed by Congress and can not be challenged in the Supreme Court.

Why is this being done? Of course, as we know, the passage of the UISA Patriot Act had nothing to do with fighting terrorism and everything to do with consolidating control within the executive branch.

This will further consolidate political control and military control domestically within the executive branch and greatly expand Bushs ability to stay in power in perpetuity if he so decides.

The reason it is being done is economic — because the Bush administration knows that the scourge of Bushonomcis can not be maintained much longer. The unusual anomalies weve seen in the market points to this — the fact that the price of gold mysteriously continues to rise despite the background of a global debt deflation and persistent disinflation in all of the first world countries including the United States. The price of gold should be falling and it isnt.

In the words of former Treasury Secretary Bernard Baruch, you cant fool gold – because its the smartest money of all. He used to tell that to FDR. Another thing, which has never been explained, (but I think it fits in somehow) is the article I wrote in the Whistleblower Gazette about the mysterious depletion of the US stockpile of gold. What happened to that gold? Its not being sold in the open market place, and as the World Gold Council pointed out, nobody seems to know where this gold is.

The only conclusion is that this gold is being secreted somewhere (I doubt it’s left the United States), most likely in some secret underground repositories.

People tend to forget that when the US government began construction of underground military installations in the event of World War III including the installation at Briarwood, West Virginia and so on, they also built the two big underground federal document storage centers. And they built underground bunkers incorporated into several of the emergency executive branch command bunkers including the one at Mount Rushmore.

It seems very likely that the gold would be reposited in one of these emergency executive branch bunkers.

Why? The reason the gold is reposited there is so that it can be distributed to what will constitute a new Bushonian Ruling Elite in a Post-Economic Collapse World.

(To be continued Next Week: Part 2)

AL MARTIN is America’s foremost expert on corporate and government fraud. A relentless whistleblower, he has written a book called, “The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider,” which chronicles his adventures with the Bush Cabal (National Liberty Press, Order Line: 866-317-1390). This detailed account of government criminal operations, namely State-sanctioned fraud, drug trafficking and illicit weapons sales, is unprecedented in publishing history. Al Martin is also well known for his great charm and profound insights into world events, and he is frequently interviewed on many talk radio shows across the nation. His weekly column “Behind the Scenes in the Beltway” is published regularly online at Al Martin Raw, (almartinraw.com).

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