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Building the New American Empire: More Future Shocks (Part II)

by Al Martin

The recent anomalies in the market would lead us to believe that Bushonomics is moving the nation to economic collapse. Just look at the Department of Treasury study done under Secretary Paul ONeills tutelage, which the Bush Cheney Regime attempted to suppress.

When the report finally came out earlier this year, it created a stink for about three days. Then the Bush administration said it wasnt authorized, and then they had to back away because it was authorized. This, of course, is the report, which says that marginal federal income tax brackets will need to rise to 65% in the coming years to finance the debt being created by Bushonian policies in the present. And there will not be sufficient liquidity after the year 2009 to finance Bushonian budget deficits.

This Treasury study was very complete; it was over 1300 pages. What was revealed in the press were only the more salacious parts and that was done for political reasons. Of course, now you hear absolutely nothing about the report. If you take that report and put it in tandem with the August 2003 OMB and CBO budgetary deficit estimates for 2003-2009 and the secondary estimates which go out to 2017, it is absolutely clear (remembering that the OMB and CBO are Republican controlled and really don’t make any effort to hide it ) that Bushonomics will, by 2009 start to ramp up inflation into the double digits. That will lead to a period of hyperinflation, and when that can no longer be sustained will lead to the economic collapse of the United States and consequently the economic collapse of the world.

If the United States collapses, the world collapses shortly therafter. This is the real reason that control is necessary domestically and it is also the reason that the Bush Regime must build the New American Empire in the 21st century.

The Bush Regime is determined that the United States WILL control a post-collapse world. The only way it can now do that is militarily. The idea that Clinton had which goes back to much earlier ideas in post-World War II American policy of making the United States the greatest economic power because the economic control is the only lasting control not the Sovietization of America at the point of a gun. That type of control doesnt last long. Economic domination does. But in order to have that you have to have a series of US administrations that act with economic restraint and some measure of fiscal wisdom. Of course, that is directly counter to the Bushonian agenda of debt financed economic growth which wreaks havoc upon both domestic and global economies.

Thus, in the Reagan-Bush-Cheney Regimes, we have a dichotomy. They understand that the United States can not control the world economically and still adhere to the Bushonian principles of the continuous consolidation of money and power into higher, tighter and righter hands, which bespeaks of the most rabid fiscal imprudence possible in the creation of enormous debtuntil that debt can no longer be sustained.

By the way, the latest government pronouncement is the Sept 15 release of the OMB 10 year deficit projections which state that the Bushonian spin that Bushonomics will cut the deficit in 10 years does not take into account $5 trillion of future spending already authorized. Hence OMB calls Bushonian budget projections nonsense.

Therefore, the only way to maintain control is through force of arms.

Their long-term thinking revolves around maintaining control of the world in a post- Economic Collapse environment, the collapse being brought on by Bushonomics itself. This would be an interim measure, wherein, the United States would forcibly stabilize a post economic collapse world, which incidentally would also mean that the world has collapsed, politically and socially.

Europe and Russia would not be able to stand. If the United States goes down, the rest of the world goes down with it. Why? Because the United States is 40% of the Gross Domestic product of the planet. Also, the rest of the planet holds so much of our debt that if we go down, everything else becomes immediately illiquid and worthless.

The linkage is inescapable. You cant get around it. If the United States goes down, everything else collapses five days later.

Economic collapse begins the cycle. Then comes social upheaval and social unrest and then political collapse, wherein the United States could now by force of arms act to effectively re-stabilize a post-economic collapse world that it itself brought on by its own economic policies.

This would allow the great Bushonian American Empire to stabilize the world by force of arms and then to begin to rebuild the global economy under US control because force of arms would also mean that the US would essentially occupy most or all countries that were unfriendly to it and forcibly seize the assets of those countries.

And to those who think that the United States would or could collapse into federally ungovernable regions due to fragmentation, let me tell you something. The United States could be held together by military force in two seconds. Who can stand against it? There is no organized opposition.

For the United States to dissipate into this kind of situation it would imply that there are groups in this country that are armed groups with sufficient intelligence, coordination and supply capability to act as a real resistance against federal forces. And there are no such groups.

For anyone who thinks otherwise there are still the Third and Fourth Mechanized Divisions in the United States and there are still another 165,000 available active reservists who are now being trained at the US Army School of Domestic Urban Control at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, including all of the static forces (which no one ever bothers to count) at domestic military bases, and training and supply depots etc. There are still at least 200,000 troops in the country. More reservists could be called. National Guard have not really been called yet and have not played a significant role either Then the question comes up will locals shoot against locals? Of course they will. If theyre told — Do you want to get paid? Do you want to eat? Anybody with a brain is going to understand that the power is in Washington and the power means Bush. Anybody with a brain in their head, that is, but how many does that leave out in America land of the nave and home of the provincial, to use the infamous words of Bob Dole after 6 Crown Royal Manhattans. (Even in Washington, the phrase in vino veritas still works.)

People should remember that the military and particularly domestic law enforcement loves the idea of a dictatorship. They love it. All of them will have their own fiefdoms under the New American Empire.

Then youll be creating new military political fiefdoms that really didnt exist before, and everybody in law enforcement, all the hangers-on and flag-wavers will sign on. Remember this is all being done under the flag.

Then we will see more suppression of internal dissidents — not only of people named Ahmed and Muhammad but also the Smiths and Jones in your neighborhood.

The burned out conspiracy theorists that always talk about the One World Order have always been right and Ive always said that to them. But Ive said the One World Order that will be created which you think will be created where you think there will be some central panoply of governments in Geneva that can act a One World Order. Is incorrect

There’s going to be a One World Order, and its going to be in Washington. That One World Order is going to be the United States.

So dont worry about it being some namby-pamby weak-kneed socialist UN-controlled welfare world. In the long run, this creates a situation where you have effectively the 20% of the have-nots into more than 50% of the nation

If you look at this down the road, how the economy is going and how the collapse will be resolved, there isnt going to be anything in the middle anymore. It will be that 50% -70% are the have-nots and the rest are the have-everythings.

And this is why we have the Al Martin Raw.com weekly market trading and forecast. What makes us different is that were saying this is where its all going. Get prepared now. Start making money every single week and start converting it into gold, as this begins to unfold because when it does unfold there will be a huge clap of thunder in the heavens, such as man has never heard before and thats going to be the sound of the proverbial door slamming shut. And when that door slams shut you want to make sure that youre on the smart Republican money side of the door.

The only way youre going to do that is if you have enough gold put by for when the time comes.

Dont resist. Its pointless to resist. People ask me all the time on radio shows what can we the people do about it? And I tell them theres not one friggin thing you can do about it. The only thing you can do is be a smart citizen.

Its the difference between surfing the wave and getting slammed by the tsunami.

With the passage of the Patriot I Act and the upcoming Patriot II Act, I try to tell people who ask me what can we do ? Should we buy cans of Spam or guns? What should we do to protect ourselves? And I say theres nothing you can doand furthermore you dont want to have your name on a list as being a civilian gun owner or a civilian malcontent.

You think its going to stop with the Patriot II Act? It isnt. Whats going to happen is that the nails that pop out of the fence of domestic tranquility are going to get hammered back down with greater force, as time goes by.

Frankly, if youre smart enough (and not everyone can do this), you want to be on the winning side of the equation. I dont care what morals or scruples or anti-government feelings you have. I have learned first hand that you cant put morals or scruples in the bank as Oliver North used to say.

How many of the worlds Jewish organizations stood up for the Jews in Nazi Germany? How many Jews were guards in the Nazi labor camps? It was a matter of survival. People have to understand that you have to do what you have to do in order to survive. Dont try to be a hero because its nonsense. Heroes dont make out very well. Youre only a hero if it doesnt work out.

But this is where we are going. This is the NEW American Empire for the 21st Century. We have always been a military-economic empire and now that our economy is falling apart under the ravages of Bushonomics by design, the United States is simply going to become a Supreme Military Empire, in the old Roman model.

We forget that the Imperial Roman Treasury was broke most of the time. If you like, Bush is the spendthrift Caligula to Clintons tight-fisted Tiberius.

Then once weve stabilized the post-collapse world by force of arms, the United States will then take the lead in effectively building a new economic order. It will be able to do so because it would have seized the natural resources of everyone else.Then we will have the World Oil Company, the World Mining Company everything will then be the World whatever company controlled by the United States, more specifically controlled by the Bush Cabal.

This will be the ultimate concentric circle of power, the convergence of all the concentric circles into one. People forget that George Bush Sr. even mentioned this in 1992, when he talked about a series of concentric circles of power. This is at the very heart of Bushonian Cabalism, the concept of the individual concentric circles of power that they have established and continue to increase. Over time they get compressed until they are simply one circle of power, the circle of the First Terran Order, if you will.

This will be the ultimate circle, from which flows all money, power and control. It comes from a very ancient philosophy, which is inherent in many cultures, particularly the Chinese. This is the idea of a cabal, which controls governments by establishing concentric rings of power — the political circle, economic circle, military circle, social circle, and gradually compressing those circles until one circle is achieved.

Man began to pursue this philosophy of supreme power and it is as old as man. There are many bastardizations of this philosophy, the Vatican being one of them. Mao Tse Tung also talked about many concentric circles of power being compressed into one, from which all power would then flow economic, political, military, social etc.

Thus all powers globally would flow from this one circle and inside of this circle you would have what Mao used to call the Circle of 5000.

In the 1960s, Mao ordered the Ministry of State Security in China to do a study. They found that the planet was controlled by 5,000 people. And thats what the Bush administration ultimately wants to create — the First Terran Order, the one circle from which flows all economic political military and social power. And inside that circle theres going to be about 5,000 people headquartered in the New Rome on the Potomac (Roma Novum Imperium Potomacus)

Youll find Latin making more of a comeback. This language is deeply engrained within the classical seals and legends of the American Republic. It wont be Pro Bono Publico anymore. It will be Pro Bono Bushlico. It wont be E Pluribus Unum. It will be E Pluribus Cabalum Bushlicum.

But this is where its all going. If you dont believe it, look at that Treasury Study and look at the latest economic forecast by the OMB and CBO. Look at the fine print.

People still do not understand the vast expansion of imperial power given to the Bush Regime under the Patriot I Act or even through the passage of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1995, where it all began.

(To be continued)

AL MARTIN is America’s foremost expert on corporate and government fraud. A relentless whistleblower, he has written a book called, “The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider,” which chronicles his adventures with the Bush Cabal (National Liberty Press, Order Line: 866-317-1390). This detailed account of government criminal operations, namely State-sanctioned fraud, drug trafficking and illicit weapons sales, is unprecedented in publishing history. Al Martin is also well known for his great charm and profound insights into world events, and he is frequently interviewed on many talk radio shows across the nation. His weekly column “Behind the Scenes in the Beltway” is published regularly Al Martin Raw, (http://www.almartinraw.com).

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