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Autopsy Photos of John Kennedy

By Mike Young

A rather hasty military autopsy was performed on Kennedy’s body at Bethesda. Furthermore, images were taken that were later tampered with, muddling things even more. Only photographs believe to be actual autopsy images from the president are included…………John F. Kennedy was in Anchorage, Alaska in 1963. I saw him in person for the last time. The President was returning from Viet Nam and stopped by Anchorage on a refueling flight back to Washington DC. He made one of his last motorcade open tours here in Alaska.

There are a hundred conspiracy trails. I believe he was murdered for having crossed the Financiers from Europe who own the Federal Reserve Bank. Even though his family was some what attached to this group of Europe he crossed the family. Kennedy was focused in their cross hairs after he reenacted President Lincoln’s legislation of reprinting US Dollar Bills rather than Federal Reserve Bills. This was the final straw that put the plan in motion. The Legislation was only a brief sentence long. If I remember correctly he did it by executive action.

US Currency (printed by the US Treasury are called US Notes like the $1,2,5,10,20,50,100 dollar bills) This has no national interest attached to the debt. It’s identical to owning a car or house mortgage with 0% interest so that only the (National) Debt is due without interest. The debt never has to be paid because it circulates in our wallets it (The national debt) always has to expand because the nation expands and grows.

TWO NEARLY IDENTICAL LOOKING CURRENCIES: DIFFERENCE TWO DIFFERENT OWNERS However currently in our wallets is a nearly identical looking currency. But it has different owners. There has been no US Notes printed since the death of Kennedy (1963). There is only one thing different between the two currencies. The Owners. Each has their name attached on the front and very top. US Currency is labeled as such UNITED STATES NOTE.

Federal Reserve currency is owned by the private European Stockholders of the Federal Reserve and the label on top of our current dollar bills in our wallets says, FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE (European stock holders who really own the Federal Reseve will be named in my book SHEKINAH PROPHECY VOL. 3)

Currently all we due is rent (lease) the currency from the Federal Reserve and pay interest every year.

Kennedy knew that trick and he immediately changed the plates on the US Treasury printing presses. He had the Treasury take off the plates owned by the Federal Reserve and reinstalled the US owned US Note printing plates and printed up US Owned Dollar Bills. This is the fight since Madison, Lincoln etc. It is the fight against Babylonian money system mentioned in Revelation. The Bablylonians make slaves of her citizens and these money preists get personally rich in the process.

Those leaders who really know how to really help the buying power of her citizens first in office insist on this easy helper to the US economy. They print US owned currency. Then buy goods and services to put it in the banking system.

Under Federal Reserve Law the white paper and printing plates are owned by the private stockholders of the Federal Reserve. What the Federal Reserve does is use their privately owned plates and paper and they print up the Federal Reserve Notes (our current US currency since 1963) The US taxpayer owns the US Treasury printing presses but not the paper and plates! It is all spelled out in the Federal Reserve Act as to who owns the freshly printed bills.

After the Federal Reserve Bills are printed what went is as white paper came out looking like dollar bills. They then take those fresh bills and buy National Debt (Treasury Bonds).

That fancy transaction converted interest onto the bills in your wallet. What Kennedy did was rather than buy bonds he bought goods and services. He did not buy US Bonds he bought the US space program, roads, bridges etc. (infrastructure) and paid CASH for it. This allowed the dollar bills to enter into United States Banking circulation without any further interest debt ever.

As you well know the powers around LB Johnson the first thing they forced him to do was annull the legisation of printing US Dollars owned Free and print FRNotes.

The Kennedy and Lincoln dollar bills (called greenbacks) use a RED US Treasury SEAL on the front of the green dollar bills this notified US citizens all the way back to the Civil War. This was interest free national debt circulating in your wallet.

People are so misinformed. There has to be a national debt. That is what currency is. Cash in your wallet is the National Debt in circulation. If you had no national debt there would be no currency in your wallet. DUH. Think about that. Kenndy was killed because there does not have to be INTEREST ON THE DEBT? He was giving back to her citizens that whick belonged to the Babylonian Money Preists of Europe. The Interest on the national debt.

Since the days of old empires the Financial Priests of the Temples of Babylon have always controlled the people thru debt of the Nation. Besides the Empire Debt they also collected the Annual Tribute (interest) once Kennedy eliminated the annual honey flow of interest its time for the Family to take out a brother. Heck they do it all the time.

Once President Kennedy created interest free dollar bills (circulating as the National Debt) he like every other President in American History who did this was rubbed out also.

Remember this when you see all the bullet holes. The Warren Report final words were it was only one silver bullet that caused all the holes? Oh Really yup, I guess I really believe that whopper!!!!

Did Lucifer get permission to do that? According to the book of Job in fact he did. President Kennedy was a true US Nationalist however old Split Hoof must have had some leverage on him before the throne of God. I hope you get a chance to read all the articles. These all loop together.

When Steve Forbes had his presidential campaign a few year back. He flew into my home town Fairbanks. I gave him a $5 US Note with the Red Seal and a complete postion White Paper that I authored on the same subject. Telling him “This is what you need to do to really help the US economy in our dire straits of declining purchasing power.” Of course I did not mention to him about what happens to Presidents that do this.


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Oswald was CIA: JFK Murder Finally Solved by US National Archive Materials

National Archives document recently declassified and obtained by:


CIA letterhead memo: Dated March 3, 1964

“Oswald was trained by this agency and over the cover of the Office of Naval Intelligence, for Soviet assignments. During preliminary training in 1957. ….. Oswald maintained a national security clearance …………. More

Jack Ruby (Oswald’s assassin) makes a statement to reporters after his trial, admitting to a conspiracy. This film recording is also on this site.

Jack Ruby says on film: “Everything pertaining to what’s happening has never come to the surface. The world will never know the true facts, of what occurred, my motives. The people had , that had so much to gain and had such an ulterior motive for putting me in the position I’m in, will never let the true facts come above board to the world.”

Reporter: “Are these people in very high positions Jack??”

Jack: “Yes”. If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.”…….

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