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Third Secret of Fatima ”Apostasy will rot from the Top”

“In the Third Secret [of Fatima] it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Catholic Church will begin at the top.” –Cardinal Mario L. Ciappi, household theologian to John Paul II; quoted in “The Devil’s Final Battle” p. 33 A gigantic branch of Catholics are perturbed by the rotteness at the top of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Alarm bells are ringing in the lower hierarchy of the nasty spells and words spoken of by the Cardinals. This book includes only QUOTES from the CARDINALS. This book “The Devil’s Final Battle” Is a must read for those of the Catholic faith. Endorsements by many concerned Catholic Priests from around the world. Something has kidnapped the top rungs of the Church. Written by a team of Catholic scholars. Find out what the Cardinals have told the fathers in the field. Click here to continue

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