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Is the Antichrist named by Ezekiel?

This is a portion of the introduction from the book “Shekinah Prophecy Vol.1” It took me 20 years to write this book. The nation of Israel has issued me the patent on Solomon’s Temple the lost Temple of Ezekiel By Michael S. Young The closer we get to the end of the world, the Bible prophesied that a One-World Federation would rule the globe. How did the New World Order of International Law abolish the Old World Order of National Constitutions? Does the Bible foretell the following facts in advance? Who kills this evil Messiah, the Antichrist? What is the murder weapon? What type of mortal wound and to which side of the head? On what Jewish High Holiday will the murder take place? In what city, street, and building must he die? To read some more of the introduction please on the left hand column of this page click on REVIEWS. Read some more of the SHEKINAH PROPHECY VOL.1 introduction. The book will not be available until Mid Nov. To order a book after Jan. 20 2004 Retail Book Sales 1-866-909-2665 Wholesale Book Sales Ingram: 1-800-937-8000 Shekinah Prophecy Vol.1 ISBN Hard Cover 1-594672-01-6 ($24.99) Shekinah Prophecy Vol.1 ISBN Soft Cover 1-594671-77-X ($13.99)

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