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US Military: New Global Police Force for Elites

By Rick Lacey; Former Senior Financial Analyst at BP, November 26 2003

The Bilderberg can not and does not expect to police the world through the United Nations. However the real Controllers behind the New World Order require a potent and decisive military force. As we witnessed with the invasion of Iraq, the US military can mobilize, invade, and conquer a rebellious country before the United Nations Security Council can decide who sits at which end of the table. The UN has never been and can never be more than an impotent tool. The New World Order will consist of seemingly independent and ostensibly democratic nations policed by the United States Military or as the Bilderberg likes to call it “coalition forces.”

This global police force is being put in place in full view of the entire world. Recent news revealed plans for a massive “staging area” to be set up in northern Australia. This marks the first time we have referred to our permanent military presence on foreign soil as anything other than a US military base. From this staging area coalition forces will police eastern Asia. In reality it will be neither a military base nor a staging area but a police station. Just as your local government positions its police stations in strategic locations across your community in order to guarantee quick response, so too is the Bilderberg positioning its global police stations.

A second piece of news is still being denied by the administration and won’t be admitted until after the presidential elections. The administration is planning to re-institute the draft. The US military has had little trouble recruiting an all-volunteer force. Our young people enlist in part for the training and benefits they receive but just as importantly they enlist because they believe defending their country is a cause worthy of devoting a few years of their lives. The Bilderberg fully anticipates that once it becomes obvious that the primary purpose of our military is no longer to defend America but to police the world, volunteers will be hard to find. In preparation for that day, expect to see military service become mandatory.

We are being conditioned to believe that the best defense against terror is a good offense. We are watching and supporting our government’s projection of military power around the globe under the disguise of a war on terror. We have accepted the premise that taking the fight to the terrorists will somehow prevent them from attacking us at home. Even assuming for the moment that the strategy will work, aren’t we really just making it easier for the terrorists to kill Americans by sending our young people into their countries? In effect, aren’t we really sacrificing our young people to the terrorists in return for our safety at home?

We rally around our president when he states that America will never cut and run, that we are in this war on terror for as long as it takes. He has stated from the very beginning that it will take years. In truth, it will not take years to win the war on terror but to convert Muslim nations to the western form of democracy the Bilderberg plan requires. It is probably true that terrorism will end once all Muslim nations join the rest of the world as seemingly independent and ostensibly democratic nations with capitalist, consumer-driven economies and populations controlled and manipulated by the media, but what is the real goal? I would submit that it is not to end terror but to bring about the One World Order.

We were able to win World War II because American factories operating thousands of miles from the battle ground could replace military equipment lost in battle faster than German factories which were under continuous attack. In this war on terror our strategy seems to be that American military bases operating thousands of miles from the battle ground can train and replace young men and women killed by the terrorists faster than the Muslims can convert their young people into terrorists. Pursuing such a strategy means that we can only win the war on terror by killing young Muslims faster than they can kill young Americans. In this writer’s opinion, that is far too big a price to pay.

Excuse the divergence to purely human considerations from the factual analysis which is my area of expertise and the reason you read my articles, but I felt the above case had to be stated.

The United States is fast approaching bankruptcy and its inherent consequences as has been proven in detail through the previous articles in this series. As promised, this article expands on the third of a five-policy plan to save the nation outlined in the article “United States of America – Mankind’s Last Best Hope.”

The third policy that must be adopted is to transform our military from the enormously expensive offensive force it has become to the relatively inexpensive defensive force our founding fathers envisioned. Our military should only be used for national defense not to invade sovereign nations or convert and police the world. Were we to bring our military home and restrict it to a defensive posture in our own hemisphere two important goals would be almost instantly achieved.

First, the nation would be better defended and the war on terror would end. No nation on earth possesses a military that could even consider invading the United States. Terrorists would no longer have a reason to attack us. After all, it is our military presence in their land that is their primary grievance. Anyone who has traveled in the Muslim world can attest to the fact that it is not American citizens they hate but American foreign policy. Some may argue that there are American interests abroad that must be defended. There are not, but even if there were, there is no reason to expect that the United States would act to defend them. Recall that when middle-eastern governments decided to nationalize the oil fields in those countries and confiscate the results of the enormous investments made by the American and British companies that found the oil and built the infrastructure to bring it to market, the United States did nothing to protect those interests.

Secondly and most importantly to this discussion, the hundreds of billions of dollars we would save in reduced military spending would instantly reverse the trend and reduce our national debt.

Americans have been brainwashed, manipulated, and deceived into believing that a United States military presence around the globe is necessary to defend America and American interests when in reality it is being used to further the goals of the Bilderberg.

Our hemisphere is separated from the rest of the world by two massive oceans. Commerce should be free to transit those oceans to and from the world’s economic engine and largest market. The military should remain at home defending our borders and protecting America and its citizens.

If we don’t act soon to pay the national debt, international commerce will have no reason to transit those oceans because there will be no incentive to trade with a bankrupt America.

Rick Lacey has an MBA from Cleveland State University and is the author of four books. As a Senior Financial Analyst at BP Oil he refused credit to Enron and was subsequently separated from the company. His book, Involuntary Separation, Corporate Downsizing Gone Fatally Wrong is based on his experiences at BP. Rick can be contacted at rplacey@hotmail.com.

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