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JEWS for Sarah Palin


The Palin Puzzle By JAN JABEN-EILON 09/05/2010 10:27

Support for Israel, traditionally a bipartisan issue in American politics, has become a very partisan issue.

Talkbacks (7) WHEN BENYAMIN KORN, 54, a self-described activist, journalist, son of a Reform rabbi, father of four teenagers and a ba’al teshuva (someone who has become religiously observant), launched the Jews for Sarah Palin website in mid-April, he was the butt of jokes by friends and foes alike.

After all, 78 percent of American Jews had supported the Democratic presidential ticket in 2008, according to exit polls. And an American Jewish Committee poll in September showed that Jews disapproved of Palin by a 54 to 37 percent margin, indicating that the addition of the former Alaskan governor to the Republican ticket was part of the reason for the Jewish vote.

Korn is a longtime friend of Jeremy Ben- Ami, executive director of the left-wing, twoyear- old, pro-Israel, pro-peace group, J Street, who refers to Korn by his nickname. “If ‘Buddy’ Korn is able to pull together enough Jews who are publicly willing to support Sarah Palin that he could form a minyan (prayer quorum of ten), more power to him,” Ben-Ami writes in an e-mail to The Jerusalem Report.

“There hasn’t been anyone in American politics that I can remember attracting higher negative ratings among Jewish Americans than Sarah Palin.

“I guess that’s the beauty of democracy – even the 14 percent of American Jews who have a favorable opinion of Sarah Palin deserve a political home,” he quips……..


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