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Christian Zionism – What is it?

Christian Zionism What is it? Is it biblical? Is it dangerous? Does it matter?

I was a Christian Zionist before I knew what one was. A simple definition of a Christian Zionist is a Christian who supports the right of the Jewish people to establish and defend a state in their historic homeland of Israel. There are two types of Christian Zionists. The minority consists of those Christians whose support of Israel is purely political in nature. For example, there is an organization called The Catholic Friends of Israel. On its website, the statement is made that they support Israel because it is “the only democracy in the Middle East.”5 The vast majority of Christian Zionists are Evangelicals who believe that God is fulfilling promises today that were made to the Jewish people thousands of years ago in Bible prophecy. The cornerstone of their support is the belief that the title to the land which God granted to the Jews in the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12:1-7 and 13:14-18) is everlasting and irrevocable. These Evangelicals should really be referred to as “Biblical Zionists” to differentiate them from Christian Zionists who are politically motivated. But that distinction is seldom ever made by anyone.


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