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The Sons of Joseph – Ephraim and Manasseh

A story of a Jacob and two brothers the Sons of Joseph: Ephraim and Judah (Jew- duh)

There are many mysteries surrounding the patriarch Jacob, his beginning, and his descendants’ promised and profound destiny in the Last Days. Mysteries aside… there are some things we know with near historic certainty. After King Solomon’s death, the single United Kingdom of Israel split into two Kingdoms or rather, two bickering brothers who largely continued their hostilities toward one another for the remainder of their existence as neighbors. They actually went to war with each other where hundreds of thousands died.

See Kings and Chronicles for their detailed history.

If you’re familiar with the Christian New Testament, it is easy to capture a glimpse of this brotherhood in Yeshua’s story of the Prodigal Son mentioned only in the Gospel of Luke (Ch.15:11-32).

By the time Yeshua told this amazing story, the ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom (the House of Joseph/Ephraim) had been in exile for more than 700 years, while the Southern Kingdom (the House of Jew-dah/Judah) had remained comparatively faithful and in the Promised Land, minus the 70 years spent in Babylonian Captivity.

We know 10-Israel never returned from Assyria with any large representation because the historian Josephus indicated they were still east of the Euphrates River during his lifetime (Antiquities of the Jews – Book XI, Ch 5). Furthermore, prominent Jewish rabbis during the same time period (shortly after Yeshua’s resurrection) were still debating whether the exiles of 10-Israel would ever return (Mishnah, Sanhedrin 110b).


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