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Safety Valve was Wrongly Plumbed on rig, says BP Executive

Oil spill: safety valve was wrongly plumbed on rig, says BP executive The safety valve that failed to prevent the Deepwater Horizon rig exploding in the Gulf of Mexico was wrongly plumbed, according to a senior BP official. Harry Thierens, BP’s vice president for drilling and completions, told a US political hearing that the blowout preventer was connected to a test pipe, rather than the correct one. “It would mean that the pipe rams could not be closed,” Mr Thierens said in evidence to a federal panel on Wednesday. “I was frankly astonished that this could have happened.” Both BP and Transocean have been trying to shift the blame on to each other during the four-month investigation into what happened before the accident. Mr Thierens gave evidence from a log he kept at the time recording his surprise that the blowout preventer had been modified…………


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