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Ronn Motors’ Scorpion poised to zap the market like Tesla Roadster

Ronn Motors’ Scorpion poised to zap the market like Tesla

As Tesla’s Roadster has made electric vehicles the rage among auto manufacturers, so that everyone is getting involved now; the Scorpion muscle car is poised to make unorthodox fuel efficiency methods, including hydroxy, zip into the mainstream.

by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News Copyright © 2010

Just as Tesla Motor Company’s ultra sexy Roadster made electric vehicles become the rage, so that now every major motor company is presenting some kind of electric vehicle; so also is Ronn Motors’ ultra appealing Scorpion muscle car poised to make unorthodox fuel efficiency methods go mainstream.

No longer were electric vehicles just for environmental nerds. Now they had a muscle car worth looking at and coveting.

One by one, the other major auto companies began introducing their own version of a hybrid or all-electric vehicle, so that today nearly every major auto company has a cool green car among their options.

Now, I believe we are about to see the same thing happen except in the fuel efficiency arena. This time, the Ronn Motors’ Scorpion will likely be the car that has the same effect.

Ronn Maxwell, the company CEO and architect of the car design, has been involved in nearly every aspect of the automobile industry for forty years: designing, building, construction, fabrication, racing, painting, restorations; preparing him to chart this course of leading the charge to revolutionize engine efficiency without compromising performance. As a kid, while his peers were out messing around, he was drawing sketches of cars.

Three years ago, when it came time to launch his own design, spurred during a business trip in China, where air pollution from engines is especially problematic, he pulled from all the best ideas he’d had over the years, which he had saved up, and integrated them all into the Scorpion.


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