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Ventura Warns Of Homeland Security Takeover

In an exclusive new video for Prison Planet.tv subscribers, former Governor Jesse Ventura warns that Homeland Security is rapidly becoming the American Gestapo, as Ventura still fumes over the fact that the feds tried to stop him from filming the JFK memorial at Arlington Cemetery.

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura visited Austin, Texas last week to work on the next season of his hit TV show “Conspiracy Theory.” Alex Jones had a chance to catch up with the governor while driving around for the shoot.

While the show is top secret until it airs, Jesse did disclose some of the harassment he and his crew have received during production, including being barred by the Army from filming Kennedy’s eternal flame at Arlington National Cemetery.

When Ventura’s production team attempted to go through the proper channels to get permission to film the JFK memorial, they were refused on the basis that that the Army didn’t like the content of Ventura’s show. They were also lied to when the feds told Ventura that the Kennedy family held jurisdiction over who was allowed to film the memorial, a claim vehemently denied by a Kennedy family spokesman.

Ventura refuses to let the issue drop and is calling for the individual who made the decision to be fired on the basis that he is allowing his personal political viewpoints to interfere with his job.

Ventura also gives Alex his thoughts on Homeland Security’s takeover of the United States as well as TSA’s implementation of mandatory body scanners in airports across the nation. The former governor discusses how difficult it was merely to hire a boat to do some filming on an island, because all the captains were frightened that Homeland Security would revoke their licenses if they put a foot out of line. Ventura now fears that the DHS will become the American Gestapo as the implementation of martial law accelerates.

“I’m viewing Homeland Security and what I’m seeing out of them – they’re supposed to be there for our protection – I’m now referring to them as the Gestapo, they could evolve into the United States Gestapo, I can see that on the horizon,” said Ventura.

Meanwhile, Ventura comments, Wall Street bankers, Blackwater mercenaries (now Xe) and diplomats all carry out their actions with impunity as the American people are ruled by a fully-integrated surveillance system.

On a lighter note, Jesse discusses his time as a bodyguard for some of rock music’s biggest acts, including the Rolling Stones and a few details about his biggest Hollywood films, including ‘Predator’ and a lost alternate ending to ‘The Running Man.’

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