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Commercial Digital HHO Hydroxy Controller Revolutionizes the – Meyers Symmetrical Pulse Mode

Commercial Digital Hydroxy Controller Revolutionizes the ‘Meyers Symmetrical Pulse Mode’ Concept

Square1 in Kentucky, USA, will soon be releasing their Hydro-Maxx™ controller that will help HHO researchers get the most from their hydroxy units, possibly even unleashing Meyer’s Mode – the holy grail of water fuel.

by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News Copyright © 2010

LEXINGTON, KY, USA – Something I’ve been meaning to report on for a while now is a new hydroxy generator controller that is designed to help optimize any hydroxy unit which electrolyzes water to generate hydroxy gas or “HHO”. HHO is typically injected into the air intake of a vehicle to affect a more efficient burn of the fuel and reduction in emissions.

Square1 Energy Incorporated has developed new digital technology that reduces the amount of power required to produce high volumes of hydroxy gas. Their patent-pending Hydro-Maxx™ Servo Integrated Controller, manufactured in the U.S., is intended for use with any hydroxy system. The Controller revolutionizes the Meyers pulse wave modulation concept of analog symmetrical wave pulses by putting it on “digital steroids”. As most of you know, Stanley Meyers is alleged to have been able to run vehicles on water using on-board electrolysis. Square1 Energy’s Controller creates a servo controlled true digital Variable-Bidirectional-Asymmetric-Pulse-Output to safely power and control any hydrogen-on-demand “HOD” system. A USB interface and the Company’s CommanderT™ PC software are used to setup, test and tune the HOD system.

The basic controller, which retails for around $350, is a plug-and-play unit that monitors and controls electrolyzer temperature, current, cell output, and circulation pump output. Their full-blown system, which retails for around $900, is geared toward researchers who understand and appreciate such things as being able to manipulate pulse width and map the various settings to find a cell’s “sweet spot”. Both types of controllers come with software and a programming manual, the latter providing the Variable-Bidirectional-Asymmetric-Pulse-Wave-Output for hydroxy cells capable of handling it. Quite a few people have already sent their cells to Square1 to have them find and measure the optimal output.

“In twenty seconds, by pressing three buttons on the keyboard, we’ve been able to repeatedly tune a cell’s HHO molecular mass flow rate from .24 liter per minute to a sustained rate of over17 lpm for several minutes before the cell output drops back off. Our research is continuing to improve and extend that flow rate as well” said Square1 CEO, Benson Miller.


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